Training Request & Reporting System


New and existing employees, as well as students whose activities are impacted by staff training levels, will benefit from a unified system for assigning, documenting, and reporting professional development activities. Such a system will provide managers and employees with role-specific learning plans for appropriate training opportunities and bring together records from Moodle, SkillPort, PeopleSoft, the HSU training site, and offsite training environments to create comprehensive professional development records.

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Human Resources

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Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

10/13/14: This project request has been withdrawn by Jeff Williams. He is investigating how SkillPort might be leveraged to deliver some of the desired functionality and is working with more departments on campus to implement learning plans. Jeff anticipates that this experience will provide a better sense of what an effective implementation process might look like and whether additional systems might be required to manage that process. The status of the request has been changed to Cancelled.

5/8/2014: The project has not been approved at this time. While the schedule for the Common Human Resources System (CHRS) is under review, information received to date from the Chancellor's Office suggests that the functionality requested may be delivered in CHRS. While recognizing the importance of this project's goals, the project is being deferred in favor of a CHRS system-wide solution.

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