Tutor Scheduling Tool


The Learning Center needs to replace and automate an aging access database and largely manual process for scheduling tutor and tutee appointments, tracking labor expenses and analyzing tutor services to gather statistical and service usage data.  An automated solution will decrease the need of staff to manually match, schedule and monitor tutors to tutees, manually identify program affiliation to determine tutor service eligibility, manual initiation of emails to students for their tutoring schedule and manual receipt and recording of tutor hours worked for payroll processing.

Requesting Department
Learning Center

Primary Customers
All users of Learning Center tutoring services

Su Karl
Michele Miyamoto
Toby Walker
Shannon Berge
PeopleSoft Application Programmer (TBD)

Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

10/18/11: After further evaluation by ITS, this initiative is estimated to take less than the 20 ITS hours necessary to qualify as a project for prioritization.  This initiative is being cancelled from the project request list although will move forward as an ITS work request. 

Project Documents
06-16-11 to 01-09-12

Project Documents

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