u.achieve Readiness Assessment


u.achieve is the new name for the latest version of DARS, the DARwin degree audit and transfer articulation system. It enables HSU to build and maintain degree requirements and course equivalency information, and to provide students and advisors with an easy-to-read progress report that allows for "what-if" planning, creating a clear picture of the degree requirements necessary for graduation. The readiness assessment will be performed as part of a multi-campus SCU initiative with assistance from CollegeSource, the provider of the DARwin and u.achieve systems, and will help prepare us for the process of upgradingo to u.achieve in 2014-15. This assessment will take into consideration our current configuration, PeopleSoft interfaces, security requirements, and additional CollegeSource components such as the Interactive Audit tool. 

Requesting Department
Student Affairs-VP Office

Primary Customers

Mike Bradley
Clint Rebik
Lianne Montano
Valerie Green
Dale Sanford
Sabre Stacey

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

7/28/14: The close-out meeting with the vendor took place on 6/30/14. All tasks have been completed, all final documentation has been uploaded to the project's Sharepoint site, and the after-action review meeting to assess successes and lessons learned has been scheduled. The u.achieve readiness assessment phase of the DARS upgrade is now closed.

6/23/14: The vendor has delivered the readiness roadmap report for the u.achieve upgrade, which is now being reviewed by the technical and functional project team members. Any questions that arise will be posed to the vendor during the close-out meeting scheduled for 6/30/2014.

5/19/2014: The vendor's resources continue to review the current DARwin application setup and code. No additional questions have been raised and the vendor's project manager does not currently foresee any issues with completing the assessment by the end of June deadline.

4/17/2014: The development environment build is complete and the College Source technical and functional resources have been granted access in order to analyze code and documentation. A short call is being scheduled for the last week of April to discuss the environment and how the current DARwin application works with PeopleSoft, and the assessment has begun. 

3/25/2014: We are moving forward with the server and database build-outs for the development environment that will house the current DARS installation. Processing of remote access documentation for College Sources resources is in progress. Both tasks should be completed  in early April, at which time the vendor will begin their assessment.

2/24/2014: We are continuing technical discussions with College Source to flesh out the development environment for their assessment. The vendor is now identifying the resources needed to complete the documentation to support remote access to the current DARS installation. 

1/24/2014: Contracts with the vendor, College Source, have been executed and the team has been assembled. A kickoff meeting was held in late January to discuss the timeline and general logistics. Technical discussions have been initiated to architect the environments needed by the vendor to conduct their assessment of our current DARS installation; as a result, we will have a roadmap for implementing the actual upgrade in 2014/2015.

10/22/13: This project has been approved by the President and VPs as an ITS priority for 2013-14. Contracts are currently being negotiated by the Chancellor's Office and once those contracts are finalized, the project team and timeline will be assembled. 

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