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Implement the ShareStream hosted video streaming service to provide faculty with reliable streaming video services for their online and hybrid courses and as a possible alternative for the current YouTube option for all HSU users. We anticipate that faculty will be able to upload videos of various lengths in any format with fully searchable features, including searching closed caption text, that will be accessible on-demand from anywhere on campus and integrated with Moodle.

Requesting Department
Info Tech Services Dir Office

Primary Customers

Jeremy Ketelsen
ITS Resource for Provisioning
Steve Darnall
Kumi Watanabe-Schock
Sabre Stacey
Geoff Cain

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

12/14/2015: As we are nearing the end of the semester and the new Provost will be starting in January, this project is being closed out.  

10/12/2015: In consideration of the in-progress Provost search and funding conversations that need to take place at that level, this project will remain open but on hold through the end of the semester.

6/24/2015: While upper level funding discussions continue at HSU, the Chancellor's Office held a second vendor webinar for Sonic Foundry to demonstrate their available services to interested CSUs on 6/16/15. 

5/26/15: ITS staff attended a demonstration in mid-May by one of the selected vendors, ShareStream. Discussions to identify funding and next steps are continuing at the AVP level.

4/28/15: The Chancellor's Office has announced the selection of Sonic Foundry and ShareStream, pending final award of a CSU Master Enabling Agreement (MEA) based on the evaluations of the Online Media Platform RFP. While the MEAs are being finalized, campuses may begin discussing potential purchases with the two vendors if they have funding available. We are enquiring of CEEE regarding available funding in order to determine next steps for this project here at HSU.

2/23/15: The vendor demonstrations held in Long Beach in early February were beneficial to the evaluation team in determing final scoring for the Online Media Platform RFP. At this point, we are awaiting final notification from the CO on the award of the master enabling agreement (MEA).

1/22/15: The evaluations were completed on 12/15/14 for the CO Online Media Platform RFP. Three vendors were selected from the five who responded to move forward with a product demonstration at the CO in Long Beach on 2/3/15. At the conclusion of the demonstrations, the evaluation team will meet to discuss the award.

10/28/2014: Issues arose late in September related to accessibility documentation submitted with the bids for the CO's Online Media Platform RFP, resulting in the CO team cancelling the RFP in favor of revising content and re-posting with a clear indication of CSU accessibility requirements. The revised RFP was released to the vendor marketplace on 10/24/14; responses are due by 11/24/14 and evaluations are expected to be complete by 12/15/14 to enable in-person vendor demonstrations to take place the week of 1/19/15. During this process, the video streaming project will remain on hold and the end date of the project will be pushed out to accommodate the new RFP schedule. 

7/28/14: The CO's Online Media Platform RFP will be released to the vendor market by August. Procurement activities are scheduled  through November with a tentative award by December. During this process the video streaming services project will be placed on hold and the end date of the project will be pushed out to accommodate the RFP schedule.

6/23/14: We are still waiting for further information and direction from the CO on the release of their online media platform RFP.

5/16/14: The CO is finalizing plans prior to releasing the RFP for this project, now named Online Media Platform, this month, with bids due late June. A potential schedule has been developed and evaluation team identified. Services covered will include software, licensing, technical support, migration services, consulting, and hosting options. 

4/17/14: Posting of the CO's online video platform RFP has been slightly delayed. We remain in close touch with our CO contact and the project lead has been asked to join the RFP evaluation team. On campus, discussions on closed captioning of existing and new media are continuing. The decision has been made that, going forward, all new video requests must be captioned; Media Production Services will take the lead on these requests through the Automatic Synch Technologies (AST) contract already in place.

3/24/14: While we await a funding decision, research on potential CO opportunities and discussions on closed captioning continues. Research in late February identified an acquisition opportunity with the CO: an RFP will be released in early April for online video platform services which will include an exhaustive list of requirements. Members of the project team have reviewed and provided comments to the draft solicitation. The CO hopes to have multiple Master Enabling Agreements (MEAs) which should result in all CSU's having access to the best possible online video streaming offerings.

2/24/14: The team met in January to review and discuss the scope and requirements development. Planning activities continue as we await funding approvals and investigate future opportunities from the CO. Project dates will be updated once the scope and requirements have been finalized.

1/24/14: The kickoff meeting was conducted in December in anticipation of funding approvals later in the Spring. Information gathering continues as we flesh out the scope and timelines and develop a task list. Initial start and end dates for the project are estimated at this time and may change based on when we have funding approval and final product selection.

10/22/13: This project has been approved by the President and VPs as an ITS priority for 2013-14. Alex Hwu in CEEE is arranging for budget approval and we are targeting a Spring 2014 implementation. 

Project Documents
12-01-13 to 03-31-15

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