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Deploy a virtual desktop solution that will allow employees access to personalized ‘mobile desktops’ stored on central servers instead of local computers. This increases flexibility in how staff can accomplish their work while reducing the resources required to provide dedicated remote access capabilities.

With the start of a broader mobility project, ITS has decided to close this project; the delivered pilots constitute completed scope of the project as proposed. The team will take the lessons learned and technical architecture from this effort forward into the mobility project.

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Health Center
Info Tech Services Dir Office

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Josh Callahan
David Peters
Marvin Sorensen
Tim Kohberger
Bethany Rizzardi

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

09/23/2013: The UPD pilot desktop is now complete and has been handed off. The after-action meeting has been scheduled. We will now transfer the skills and lessons learned from this project to a new campus mobility effort, which will further expand the development and adoption of virtual desktop technology on campus.

08/30/2013:  UPD desktop has been built. We will be finalizing the default profile this week and next, after which this pilot project will be closed.

07/29/2013: We are rolling out another revision to the UPD desktops, and building an environment to allow Desktop Support staff to add further applications for virtual desktop users.

06/24/13: The new hardware has been set up. The ITS management team was given a demo of the current desktop setup on 6/14/13. We are continuing to work with pilot groups and planning for wider deployment

05/29/13:  All the required hardware is now here and the Virtual Desktop host servers are being rebuilt on the new systems. The UPD systems have been rebuilt as pooled desktops. ITS general pooled desktops are being completed with the new hardware.

04/22/13:  We are still waiting for the final pieces of  hardware to arrive so that we can migrate the virtual desktops from the current blades to rackmounted servers with dedicated video hardware. Based on user testing and new information from a recent training session, UPD virtual desktops are being rebuilt using a different model.

03/25/13: The ITS Desktop Support pilot is continuing. The UPD pilot will be reactivated now that their desktops have been replaced and their network has been reconfigured. The bulk of the new hardware has arrived, but the accelerated video cards are still on order so the move from the existing blades to standalone hardware with better video capacity will likely happen in April

02/25/13:  The pilot group for ITS Desktop Support is in place, with an additional pilot of persistent desktops being completed over the next few weeks. We have ordered upgraded hardware with enhanced graphics capabilities to support the project.

01/28/13:  Pilot machines are now in use in UPD. Additional pilots in ITS and Health Center are planned for February.

12/20/12: The initial pilots are now being started, and a second demo for ITS managers has been held.

11/26/12: Pilot images and provisioning services are being prepared.

10/30/12: The basic desktop was demonstrated for ITS management on 10/25/12. Feedback from that session and new information from the 10/30/12 training session will be incorporated into the next build.  

09/24/12: Preparing demo for the ITS management team

08/22/12: Host virtual machines have been created and presentation servers started.

08/06/12: The design process is complete, the equipment has been ordered, and a new VLAN has been created, enabling the initial system build to begin.

12/21/11: Project approved and scheduled.

Project Documents
07-02-12 to 09-13-13

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