Volunteer Form Automation


Automate the submission, tracking and storage of Volunteer Identification Forms. Human Resources processes approximately 2,700 forms annually campus-wide, requiring approximately 10,800 signatures from approvers located throughout the campus. Automating this process would greatly improve efficiency by reducing the time and steps involved.

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Human Resources

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Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

10/18/13: This request has been cancelled.  Mike Burghart in Risk Management coordinated a process change in the way this form is being used, which significantly reduced the number of requests being processed.   If there is future interest in such an initiative, a request can be submitted at that time.

12/5/12: Project not recommended for scheduling at this time. The Committee suggests the process described in this proposal be reviewed to determine the proper use of this form. This may reveal a much smaller volume of actual form usage and a potentially different process automation requirement. 

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