Remote Screen Sharing for Support

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Humboldt State University uses TeamViewer Remote Support screen-sharing software to help support technicians understand and resolve computer problems without the need to physically visit your office. Using remote screen-sharing software saves everyone's time and is especially helpful when you need to get a problem resolved quickly.

Using the Remote Screen Sharing Software

1. Download the HSU Remote Support software by clicking the appropriate link below for either the Windows or Macintosh version.

Windows Remote Support

Macintosh Remote Support

The Mac download is provided as a disk image (.DMG). Double-click the disk image to mount it on your desktop.

2. When you're on the phone with an HSU technician, launch the Remote Support program. You will see a window with an ID and password. The ID is specific to your computer but, for security reasons, a new password is created every time the software is run.


Windows Teamviewer


Mac Teamviewer

3. Read off the ID and wait for the technician to ask for the password.

4. When the session is complete, close the Remote Support application.

Note: You must give your approval before a remote control session can be initiated. Support staff are unable to remotely view or control your screens without your permission. During the Remote Support session, you will see a small window onscreen with the technician's name and phone extension. The 'X' allows you to terminate the Remote Support session at any time.

Remote Support window

Windows users will see this status window
during a Remote Support session

Remote connection Mac

Macintosh users will see this status window
during a Remote Support session

For security reasons, you should never run the Remote Support application unless you have initiated a support request. If in doubt, contact the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-HELP (4357).