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  1. Reload Border Firewall

    ... without redundancy at the border as one node of our firewall cluster is rebooted at a time. Should be no noticeable interruption of ... over to backup node. **Update** The first reload the backup firewall did not take over services until roughly 5 minutes passed, causing a 5 ...

    System Status - nml223 - Sep 19 2015 - 00:59

  2. Reload member of Juniper SRX chassis cluster

    ... Need to issue the following command in each firewall via the CLI: *note* Make sure at least one firewall is fully operational before reloading the other. > set chassis ...

    ITS Change Procedure - nml223 - Sep 15 2015 - 13:51

  3. Wireless :: Security Requirements

    ... antivirus from the approved list .  Windows firewall enabled Windows configured to notify you when new updates are ...

    Page - rrw1 - Aug 28 2015 - 13:06

  4. Shibboleth idp upgrade

    ... with idp prod IP address and update iptables in firewall builder. Shutdown current Boot idp-prd-N which ...

    ITS Change Procedure - tem1 - Aug 13 2015 - 10:04

  5. CSU CNI Server Farm Firewall Migration

    Estimated resolution time:  08-01-15 Who is affected:  Campus Servers and users ability to reach those servers Workaround:  none Status:  Available What happened:  The campus is...

    System Status - nml223 - Aug 1 2015 - 06:23

  6. CNI Server Farm Firewall Migration

    Purpose:  Move physical links and routing from the Cisco core to the ALU core as it pertains to the Server Farm Juniper ISG2ks ...

    ITS Change Procedure - nml223 - Jul 13 2015 - 17:34

  7. Security :: Campus Border Firewall

    A firewall is a hardware or software network security device that sits at the ... are an organization's internal network and the Internet. A firewall's primary role in information security is to protect computers on the ... called a Denial-of-Service, or DoS, attack). So a firewall greatly reduces the risk of outside attacks corrupting information, ...

    Page - rrw1 - Jun 16 2015 - 11:56

  8. KBOX ticketing system reboot while Dell Tech Support is able to monitor

    ... the SMTP server and KBOX and we are testing changes to the Firewall to see if that helps. KBOX is unable to send out status update emails ...

    System Status - jw7001 - Apr 14 2015 - 19:26

  9. Moodle (learn) unresponsive

    ... to Moodle. The PC has been temporarily blocked in the host firewall. PC may have a stuck keyboard, or be caught on a page creating an infinite loop on the Web Server. Rebooted server after Firewall rule. Issue start:  04-07-15 Affected in ...

    System Status - ah270 - Apr 8 2015 - 00:43

  10. Group Policy Creation or Modification - Managed Computers or Offices

    ... a scheduled roll-out of software like Internet Explorer, firewall changes to support a new service) or reactive (new version of Java ...

    ITS Change Procedure - btr77 - Mar 24 2015 - 14:14