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  1. Gmail/Google Docs/Google Presentations - degraded service - UPDATE

    Estimated resolution time:  09-23-13 Who is affected:  UPDATE: Gmail service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users within the next 3 hours. Please note this time frame is an...

    System Status - Anonymous - Sep 23 2013 - 14:19

  2. How long can I stay in an application before it times out?

    ... time out after two hours, and Gmail and other Google Apps , which can run for one to three days of inactivity before timing ...

    FAQ - Anonymous - Sep 11 2013 - 15:05

  3. Campus Single Sign On Available

    ... for campus Portal and related services including Gmail, Google Apps, and Moodle. ...

    System Status - tem1 - Aug 15 2013 - 23:22

  4. Google Mail - Intermittent Errors

    Estimated resolution time:  06-26-13 Who is affected:  All Google Mail Users Workaround:  If you get an error while sending email, please retry after a few seconds, or minutes Status:  Available ...

    System Status - ah270 - Jun 26 2013 - 13:25


    Estimated resolution time:  05-10-13 Who is affected:  Campus Users Status:  Available What happened:  Google disabled this very quickly so most likely no one has been affected, however if you DO...

    System Status - dwc1 - May 10 2013 - 11:25

  6. Phishing E-mail

    Estimated resolution time:  05-03-13 Who is affected:  Campus Users What happened:  We are working on a global block. Issue start:  05-03-13 Affected in what way:  A phishing e...

    System Status - dwc1 - May 3 2013 - 10:55

  7. How do I access the Administrative Calendar?

    ... of your deadlines. Here's how to see it in either webmail ( Google Apps ) or Outlook: Login to Gmail through myHumboldt ...

    FAQ - blg10 - Mar 13 2013 - 16:01

  8. Will HSU be supporting other Google Apps in future?

    That's entirely possible. Although there are no firm plans at this time, we'll keep you posted as to new developments on that front. If you have a good academic reason that we should add a particular application, please tell your ITC or...

    FAQ - Anonymous - Feb 18 2013 - 15:53

  9. What apps are available in Google Apps?

    Google provides many different applications.  HSU makes several available, but is only able to fully support (answer detailed questions about) the core applications. The rest are available to you, but the Technology Help Desk won't be able...

    FAQ - blg10 - Feb 14 2013 - 14:23

  10., subdomains will be disabled

    ... email addresses will no longer appear in the Google Apps Global Address List. ...

    System Status - ah270 - Feb 8 2013 - 13:46