Secure Wireless :: How to Connect :: iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

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IMPORTANT: iPhones and iPod Touches must be running iOS 4.0 or later to use the HSUWireless-Secure network. iPad and iPad2 should be running iOS version 3.2 or later.


Step 1: Prepare to download the installation profile

On your device, use Safari to visit this web page that you're viewing right now (/its/secure-wireless-connect-ios). You can do this by connecting to the regular HSU Wireless network using WiFi, or by using your device's cellular capability. You must use Safari; other browsers will not work for this process.

If you have previously installed the HSUWireless-Secure profile, you will need to uninstall it and replace it with a new one. To uninstall the previous profile, navigate to Settings --> General --> Profile --> Remove. If you have never installed an HSUWireless-Secure profile before, go straight to Step 2.

Step 2: Download the profile

Verify that you see and a lock icon near the top of your device's screen and tap HSU iOS User Owned Installation Profile

Step 3: Install the profile

You will be prompted to install the profile. Select Install. You may be prompted to tap your device passcode.

The word Signed will appear on your screen, with the signer as; this verifies that the profile can be trusted as the official HSUWireless-Secure profile. The Installer will prompt you to install and accept the necessary security certificates; when you see this request, tap Install Now.

Step 4: Enter your user credentials

You may be prompted to enter your Apple device password at this point. Do so. You will then be prompted to enter your HSU User Name and Password.

Step 5: Ready to go!

This completes the configuration process. To use the HSUWireless-Secure network when you're on campus, just verify that Wi-Fi is On and select the HSUWireless-Secure network, just as you would for any Wi-Fi network.


And that's it. Now, whenever you're on campus, you can automatically connect to the Internet on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad using the HSUWireless-Secure network.

Note that, if you have never connected to any campus network before, or if you've been away for more than 30 days, you will need to accept the CSU Responsible Use Policy by signing the document digitally with your HSU User Name and Password before being permitted to connect.