Security :: Breaches of Information Security

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Data security breaches are happening more and more often, and even the largest organizations are not immune. Many well-known banks, manufacturing companies, government departments, universities, and other organizations have experienced major breaches in data protection. It's important to remember that data breaches aren't just caused by sophisticated hackers; they're also caused all-too-frequently by a lack of attention or care being paid to the information entrusted to us - in fact, the biggest threat to data security is people's behavior. Nor is it only about credit card and bank account numbers; email addresses are frequently the data of choice for information thieves, because they enable phishing attacks that may cause people to reveal confidential information.

The security processes, policies, and infrastructure HSU has in place are all designed to protect the information stored on University computer systems, and it is an offense under the terms of HSU's Appropriate Use Policy to interfere with any of these measures.

The University has also designed and implemented specific incident response procedures to manage security breaches, depending on the type of information compromised.