Security :: Procedure for Submitting Academic Professionals (Unit 4) Information System Access and Compliance Forms

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While Humboldt State University academic professionals may have exposure to records that contain personally identifiable information and/or other confidential data, they are PROHIBITED from viewing such data in any University record without prior written approval by the campus President or Vice President for Administrative Affairs. 


Procedure for Submitting the Access and Compliance Form

  1. Read the Access and Compliance Form
  2. Enter your name and title online OR print and complete the statement by hand. Sign and date the document.
  3. Make a copy and keep it for your records
  4. Send the original signature page to your supervisor/manager 

Your supervisor/manager will co-sign the signature page and forward it to the Vice President for Administrative Affairs. The Vice President will also co-sign the signature page and forward it to the Technology Help Desk, who will enter it into PeopleSoft and forward the document to Human Resources for filing.

Once the form has been filed with HR, access will be granted to the applications and data relevant to your role at the University data. Access to University databases that contain personally identifiable information (PII) or other confidential information also requires approval from the custodian of that information. Access requests should be made using the CMS Access Request Form (ARF). A complete list of data custodians can be found in UML 05-03 Student Records Access Policy.

The following information is provided to help employees understand their responsiblities in protecting personally identifiable information and other sensitive and confidential data. 

  1. Information Use and Confidentiality - Self-administered Training Materials. While designed for faculty, this document provides all employees with a useful outline of federal and state laws and policies that govern access to personally identifiable and/or confidential information.
  2. The optional FERPA Tutorial is a short online course that presents an overview of responsibilities under the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Although this material is covered in the document above, the tutorial includes scenarios presented in a quiz format (non-graded, non-recorded) that is helpful in ensuring FERPA compliance.
  3. Complete the online Security Awareness Training. In collaboration with the CSU campuses, the Chancellor’s Office has developed a web-based information security awareness training course designed to provide campus community members with guidance on securing HSU information resources. This required web-based course will help safeguard personal information as well as accessed University data. All faculty and staff are enrolled in this course when they join the University. (Students assistants are enrolled through their supervisors.)

If you have questions, please email them to or call Information Security at (707) 826-3815.