Security :: Student Affiliations

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Student affiliations encompass a wide range of roles students may find themselves in during their association with the University:

  • Prospects are potential students/applicants
  • Applicants have submitted an application for admittance but have not yet begun attending the University
  • Admitted Students have been accepted into the University
  • Active Students are registered for classes in the current or upcoming term, or who has attempted one or more units during the current term
  • Graduate Students are enrolled in the current term with a Post-Baccalaureate Academic Career and Program PMF
  • Recent Leavers have left the University during the current or previous term
  • Drop Outs have voluntarily terminated their association with the University prior to completing their degree requirements
  • Recent Students are seeking a degree or credential and has units attempted at HSU in the past academic year, but is not enrolled in the current term
  • Former Students have not been enrolled in more than six months
  • Alumni are graduates who are active members of the Alumni Association

For details of the data, application, and other access privileges available to each of these affiliations, please download this student affiliation checklist.