Security :: For Students

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Humboldt State University's Information Security Office works with the campus community to secure system and network resources and to protect the confidentiality of student, faculty, and staff information. If you have ideas on improving HSU's information security, contact us at

To report information security violations or concerns, please send email to the appropriate address below:

Concerns for physical safety, including cyber stalking and cyber bullying, should be reported to the HSU Police Department by calling 911 or 5555 from any campus phone.

Protecting your personal information

The single most important piece of advice for securing yourself against identity theft is a very simple one - never send your password via email! No-one at HSU will ever ask for your password, not even the Technology Help Desk, If you receive any requests for your HSU password, either by phone or email, remember the old adage - trust, but verify. Ask for the name and telephone number of the person who authorized the request. That way, you control the flow of information. Phishing is a widespread tactic used by identity thieves; you owe it to yourself to learn how to recognize and avoid it.

Check out our Top 10 Security Measures to make sure you're doing everything you can to help keep your information secure.

Recommendations and background information on the mechanisms that HSU uses to protect your information from unauthorized use are available here.

Password protection

In addition to resisting phishing and social engineering lures, one of the best ways to secure yourself against unauthorized access to your accounts is to create and maintain strong passwords. Check here for hints and tips on creating passwords that work.

Campus information security infrastructure

Secure authentication

HSU has implemented an overarching identity management system for access to on-campus computer systems. When a student, staff, or faculty member officially enters the university population, they are provided with a unique HSU User Name and accounts are automatically created on systems based on their university role. The HSU User Name is also the individual's HSU email address before the @ symbol. Users are able to set their passwords and manage other issues around identity management through the Account Settings link in MyHumboldt.

Password expiration 

All users are required to change their HSU password regularly as part of a larger effort to make campus computing systems more secure and to comply with Federal, State, and CSU policies and standards. Users receiving an email informing them that their HSU password is scheduled to expire, they must follow the instructions in the email to change their password as soon as possible.