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HSU requires that technology be accessible to all University constituents regardless of (dis)ability. This is mandated by several federal and state laws and supported by the larger CSU effort, the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI).

The ATI covers three main areas at HSU:

  • Web
  • Instructional materials
  • Procurement

The University's Information Technology Council periodically reviews HSU's guidelines for accessibility and makes recommendations on changes to the Chief Information Officer. The Chief Information Officer works with the Director of Physical Services and the Campus Compliance Officer to update the guidelines as necessary.

Questions or concerns about accessibility should be directed to the Student Disability Resource Center.

Who's it for?
Student Applicants

System Configuration

5% of all workstations in HSU's Smart Classrooms must meet physical accessibility requirements and have adaptive devices and technology installed in the form of both input devices and application use tools, such as screen reading, screen magnification, and trackballs.

All web-based instructional materials must also support these tools and devices, as well as meeting specific html coding specifications.

All visual instructional materials must support and incorporate closed-captioning.

Check out the specific requirements for accessible workstations and accessible web materials.

Additional Information

Technology Equipment Checkout can provide assistance with closed captioning and transcription services through an outside vendor, Automatic Synch Technologies (AST). A sliding scale of fees applies depending on the length of the video and the materials provided.

HSU also provides TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf and hearing-impaired) telephone devices at various locations on campus and to individuals who need them. More specific information is available from Telecommunications & Network Services.

The ATI requires that HSU have alternative format materials available at the same time they are available for non-disabled students. The alternate format conversion process is complex and time consuming, so plan ahead if you need to make special arrangements for your classes.

Many additional resources can be found on the Accessible Technology Initiative and Web Accessibility Group websites.

Accessing This Service

Physical and computer hardware access issues

Anyone experiencing problems with physical access to any HSU facility should contact Facilities Management and/or the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) for guidance.

Faculty and staff should contact their Information Technology Consultant or the Technology Help Desk for assistance with configuring  workstations to meet accessibility requirements.

Web access issues

Everyone whose role at the University involves creating websites or uploading content is required to take accessibility training before receiving permission to publish material to the Central Web.

Anyone experiencing problems with access to locally-installed or web-based applications should contact the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC), their ITC, or the Technology Help Desk for assistance.

While Zoom, the CSU's new web conferencing system, does not yet meet all accessibility guidelines, the CSU is working with the vendor (Instructure) on a roadmap to address the outstanding issues.

Using This Service

Physical facilities and computers

Anyone experiencing problems with adaptive equipment in Smart Classrooms should contact the Technology Help Desk and/or the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) for assistance.

Web and software issues

Developers are provided with comprehensive guidelines on developing and publishing accessible web-based materials and access to freely-available checking tools to ensure their sites meet all applicable accessibility requirements.

To ensure official University sites remain in compliance with accessibility requirements over time, all such sites are scanned monthly with Compliance Sheriff. Owners of sites failing the tests are required to rectify the problems within a specified time or risk having their site shut down.

Contact Technology Equipment Checkout with your closed-captioning requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Student Disability Resource Center is located in Library 055, telephone (707) 826-4678 (TDD (707) 826-5392).

Download the campus accessibility map (PDF)


Information on the laws, memos and policies governing accessibility issues on campus may be found on the ATI website.