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Account Settings


Account Settings is where students, staff,  and faculty can manage all aspects of their HSU account, including:

  • Set or reset your password
  • Set or reset your security questions
  • Select a web/email alias
  • Request additional Network Folders quota (how much data storage space you have)
  • Request web and MySQL accounts
  • Register as a web developer

Who's it for?
Student Applicants

System Configuration

Anyone with valid HSU user credentials can access Account Settings.

Additional Information

Passwords expire at least once a year, depending on your role at the University, and you'll receive an email alert when yours is about to expire. You can change your password at any time in Account Settings, and you'll need to do this before your current password expires. If you do miss the date, you can use use the Reset Password link to create a new one.

For Financial Aid and Student Information, including registration, visit the Student Center or Faculty Center.

Accessing This Service

You access Account Settings directly through a link at the top right of the myHumboldt home page.

When you first become associated with Humboldt State University, you'll be provided with a one-time password which will enable you to access Account Settings; this must be changed right away to something more secure.

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Using This Service

The first time you access Account Settings, you must replace your temporary password password before you do anything else. Your password must be between 10 and 30 characters long and include at least one number, one uppercase letter, and one lowercase letter. It cannot contain your first or last name, your HSU User Name, any of these special characters []{}$&;()'"<> or a word that appears in a standard American English dictionary.

You'll also be asked to provide answers to a set of security questions that can be used to verify your identity if you lose or forget your password. You'll need to create answers that are simple enough for you to remember five years from now but complex enough to not be easily guessed by someone else. All answers are case-sensitive.

If you have stored your cellphone number in your HSU PeopleSoft record, you can also opt to have a one-time password reset PIN sent to your cellphone to enable you to reset your password without answering the security questions. 

To protect your privacy, please log out of Account Settings and close your browser when you have finished your session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Log in to myHumboldt and click the Account Settings link in the top, right-hand corner.


Use of Account Settings is governed by the CSU Responsible Use Policy