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ClassClimate Course Evaluation Software


ClassClimate software is used to create course evaluations and analyze student responses concerning instructors’ teaching. The software, which may be accessed only by designated individuals, summarizes the data for inclusion in faculty Personnel Action Files.

Following the Spring 2013 changes in the faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) all courses must be evaluated and students must complete an evaluation of each course's instructor. Designated staff in each college generate evaluations with guidance from the department offices; the colleges administer evaluations electronically.

Each college determines the scope and content of their faculty evaluations, which are completed by students each semester - Summer (managed by the College of eLearning and Extended Education), Fall, and Spring.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

Any popular browser can be used to access the ClassClimate software for the student evaluations. Students can fill out evaluations on any device with Internet access.

Additional Information

Any questions about ClassClimate software and evaluation processes should be directed to your college Administrative Support Coordinators.


Accessing This Service

Enter in your web browser.

You will need a special login and password, available from your college office, to access the software. You'll also need to turn off any pop-up blocker software. 

Please note that the access process and levels of authorization for use of the ClassClimate software are different for each college.

Using This Service

Once the decision has been taken as to which course(s) will be included in the evaluation process, the ClassClimate software is used to generate an online evaluation. Information on using the software, along with suggestions for faculty on improving response rates and to view the evaluations from a student perspective can be found on the Course Evaluations by Students website.

Guidelines and best practices for scheduling reminders to get high response rates are available from your college office. Any staff member with the appropriate authorization can create the summary report.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire evaluation process can be accessed online.


Access to faculty class evaluations is governed by policies covering protected data issues, as well as the more general CSU Responsible Use Policy.

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