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College Scheduler


The online College Scheduler tool is available through Student Center to help students plan and review their proposed class schedules in the context of their personal schedules; the goal is to design the most efficient confirmed class schedule.

By using this tool, students experience a simpler registration process and advisors are able to focus on guiding students on the path to graduation instead of researching course schedules. 

Who's it for?
Student Applicants

System Configuration

College Scheduler works with all popular browsers and incorporates an accessible version for use with screen readers. Browsers should be configured to allow pop-up messages; the trusted link to allow is

Additional Information

Faculty does not have access to College Scheduler at this time unless they have a student identity in PeopleSoft. We are working with the vendor to identify a way for faculty to be able to see how students use the tool.

Note that College Scheduler is a planning tool only; it does not recognize dependencies such as required courses, enrollment holds, instructor consent requirements, etc, so be sure to have all this information available before you start the planning process or you may experience error messages when you attempt to complete enrollment in a particular class.

You may find it helpful to download and print the short College Scheduler User Guide as a reference when you first use the tool.

Accessing This Service

Access College Scheduler by logging into myHumboldt and going to Student Center; you'll see a link labelled Schedule Planner right below DARS in the Academics section. When you click the Schedule Planner link, you'll first see some tips for making the best use of the planner. Be sure to gather all the information you can before setting out on your schedule planning journey.

Using This Service

Select the appropriate Course Status and follow the onscreen instructions to select and add your courses and breaks. Click Generate Schedules to display your schedule or follow the suggestions to adjust your selections in order to create a workable schedule. You can use the View/Edit links to refine your choices.

When you've generated all possible schedules, check the courses that best meet your needs and click View to see a weekly representation of your selected schedule. Once you're happy with your schedule, click Send your Schedule to Shopping Cart. The next screen will prompt you to import your shopping cart into PeopleSoft  - you'll see a message in Student Center with an Import Cart button. Import the cart and complete your enrollment by following the normal process.

Frequently Asked Questions

College Scheduler is accessed through Student Center.


The CSU Responsible Use Policy applies to the process of generating course schedules online.

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