All students, faculty, and staff at HSU are provided with a email address for all official university communications.

We use Google Gmail as our email system. Gmail is part of a broader online environment, Google Apps, that also provides calendaring, productivity programs, group communications, and other useful applications, including the ubiquitous Google search engine.

We recommend you use Gmail via the web interface for the best experience, but you can also choose to access Gmail through a local client such as Outlook or Mac Mail. While this will enable you to synchronize mail, calendar events, contacts, and notes between your Google account locally, the full benefits of Gmail are only available on the web.

Access your HSU Gmail account through myHumboldt with your HSU User Name and Password.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

To use Gmail on the web, all you need is a current browser and your HSU User Name and Password. 

To use Outlook with Google on an HSU-owned system, go to to download and install Google AppSync for Outlook.

To use Gmail with Mac Mail, follow the instructions on the Google website.
You can also use Gmail with other IMAP and POP local email clients, but we don't recommend this approach as HSU does not support these implementations.
To use Gmail with a local email client on a personally owned device, click the appropriate link below:
Additional Information

Google Updates

Google is a dynamic environment, and the company frequently updates or otherwise tweaks many of its services in response to user feedback. You can keep track of Google's planned and implemented changes on their What's New? site.

You'll also find a wealth of useful information about the advantages of using Gmail over Outlook on the Google website.

Email Security

To learn more about Google privacy issues, check our Google Caveats page or Google's own privacy site.

To learn more about how HSU secures your email, check out these pages:

Other links that may be of interest:

Accessing This Service

To log into your email on the web:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your HSU User Name and Password
  3. Click on the Gmail button at the top right of the screen

To use Gmail with Outlook, you must first install Google Apps Sync for Outlook, available at

If you need to establish an HSU email address for a contractor or other temporary or off-campus individual working on official HSU business, please complete an account request form.

Using This Service

Everything you need to know about gettting up and running and being productive with Gmail can be found on the Google website in the Using Gmail at work or school center.

If you need to redirect your emails or use a different name with your HSU email account, follow the links below:

Some recommendations for email usage best practices can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

HSU email is available online from anywhere in the world - as long as there's an Internet connection - through the myHumboldt portal or at


The most recent HSU email usage policy may be found here.

HSU internal policies apply to the usage of email aliases

State and federal laws govern the privacy and security of email communications

All other computer usage policy issues are covered in the CSU Responsible Use Policy