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Google Apps


When HSU adopted Gmail as the campus email standard, we also had the opportunity to make other Google applications available. Two significant benefits derive from this:

  • Google Apps are cloud-based, so we don't need to acquire additional hardware to store and manage the applications on campus - and you can access them from anywhere
  • Google Apps all operate from within the same user interface, so it's a very collaborative environment and intuitive to use

The following Google applications are enabled for all HSU faculty, staff and students and can be used by anyone at any time:

HSU also makes the following Google Apps available but, as they do not meet CSU accessibility requirements, may only be used after completing ATI training:

If you plan to use Google+ and Google Hangouts, you need to be aware of these caveats.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

Any up-to-date browser is compatible with Google Apps; beyond that, all you need is your HSU User Name and Password.

Additional Information

To learn more about Google privacy issues, check our Google Caveats page or Google's own privacy site.

For more information about individual Google Apps, please visit  http://learn.googleapps.com/ to consult the extensive online support, documentation and user forums provided by Google.

Google Updates

Google is a dynamic environment, and the company frequently updates or otherwise tweaks many of its services in response to user feedback. You can keep tabs on Google's planned and implemented changes on their What's New? site.

Google Apps have some accessibility issues which the company is working to resolve. Read more about which apps are affected and our suggested workarounds.

Accessing This Service

The simplest way to access Google Apps is to log into Gmail via myHumboldt with your HSU User Name and Password. Click on the grid of gray squares in the top right of the screen and select the app you want to use. To create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, or illustrations, click on Drive, then on Create, and select the application you want to use. Note that the additional applications displayed when you click Connect more apps in this box are not supported by HSU.

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Using This Service

To use any Google App, simply log in to Gmail via myHumboldt and select the application you want to use as described above. To launch an unsupported Google App, just locate the application you want to use and double-click on it.

Once you've used Gmail, other Google Apps are fairly intuitive to use; you can learn more about using individual applications by visiting the Google Apps Learning Center or Getting Started with Google Drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the web through myHumboldt


The use of Google Apps through your HSU account is governed by the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

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