Guest Accounts


A number of different types of guest account are provided for different categories of visitors to the HSU campus:

  • Very infrequent visitors and conference and meeting attendees can self-register for the HSUGuest wireless network. These accounts provide a maximum of 15 days' access in total and only permit access to the HSUGuest network. Extensions may be granted on application in person to the Technology Help Desk.
  • Visiting faculty and administrators from other CSU campuses are given an HSU Guest User Name and Password by their sponsoring department which enables them to use the HSUGuest wireless network and open access computer labs for the duration of their stay on campus.
  • Consultants and contractors working on campus projects are given an HSU User Name and Password by their sponsoring department, but are encouraged to use the HSUWireless-Secure network rather than the HSUGuest network. In certain instances, Trusted Guest status may be given to these users.
  • CSU auditors and other legal or compliance professionals are provided with Trusted Guest accounts which enable them to access privileged information stored inside the HSU firewall as well as other resources such as wireless printing. These users are required to connect via the HSUWireless-Secure network and install the SafeConnect policy key software. 

Who's it for?
Prospective Students

System Configuration

Computers running Windows, OS X or Linux, as well as most smartphones, can be used by guests to access the HSU wireless network(s) appropriate to their status on campus. Visitors using the self-registration system must provide a unique US or Canadian cellphone number at registration and be able to receive their access credentials via text message on that cellphone (standard text messaging rates apply).

Note that campus security policy requires that any computer connecting to an HSU wireless network other than the HSUGuest network must be up-to-date on operating system patches and virus protection and may not be running peer-to-peer or proxy software; Windows systems must also have the Windows firewall enabled.

Additional Information

Account names will be in the following format:

  • Infrequent users and conference and meeting attendees - email address as provided when registering
  • Consultant/contractor - generated automatically based on the individual's name.

Accounts on the HSUGuest network are capped to ensure adequate bandwidth is available to all concurrent users of the network; peer-to-peer connections are not permitted.

Campus sponsors of group guest accounts must retain a record of contact information for all guests who are part of a group for a period of six months.

Accessing This Service

The following methods are available to establish the different types of guest account:

  • Very infrequent visitors and conference and meeting attendees can register themselves on the HSUGuest wireless network by following the self-registration instructions; accounts can be extended by applying in person at the Technology Help Desk in Library 120.
  • For visiting faculty and administrators, consultants, contractors, CSU auditors, and other legal or compliance personnel, the sponsoring department must complete an account request form

Using This Service

Self-registering visitors will receive their user credentials via text message on the cellphone number provided in the registration process.

Contractor and consultant guest accounts are processed through the account center and HR; once the HSU User Name and temporary password have been issued, individuals will receive a message to log into the Account Center to set their password.

Guest account holders may access the wireless network(s) and campus facilities available to their class of guest account for the duration of their account type. The Technology Help Desk may extend guest accounts on request in person.

Trusted guest users must agree to download and install a small program called the SafeConnect PolicyKey to ensure that their device meets HSU security requirements during the time it has network access.

Frequently Asked Questions

The HSU self-registration system automatically appears on the user's device when they attempt to connect to the HSUGuest network for the first time. Extensions to guest accounts must be requested in person at Library 120.

The application process for visiting faculty and administrators, contractors, consultants and trusted guest accounts is on the web at /its/forms-accountrequestform.


As part of the install process for the SafeConnect PolicyKey, if applicable, users must agree to abide by the terms of the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

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