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Humboldt State University's Information Security Team works with the campus community to secure system and network resources and to protect the confidentiality of student, faculty, and staff information. 

The team collaborates with IT teams in the administration of account access control and the establishment of policies, procedures, and guidelines. We also track, coordinate, and mitigate responses to security incidents, which include but are not limited to:

  • attempts (either failed or successful) to gain unauthorized access to a system or its data
  • unwanted disruption or denial of service
  • the unauthorized use of a system for the processing or storage of data
  • changes to system hardware, firmware, or software characteristics without the owner's knowledge, instruction, or consent

We encourage you to report any activities that you feel meet these incident criteria. It is our policy to keep any information specific to your systems confidential.

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System Configuration

Security threats are heavily focused on exploiting vulnerabilities in common operating systems and applications. One of the most important ways to keep your information safe is to ensure your operating system, browser, and other widely-used applications such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader are kept up-to-date (as well as your antivirus). 

Note that your computer will need to have the latest patches installed for Windows and Macintosh systems, as well as up-to-date antivirus definitions, in order to connect to the HSU wireless network. This is managed automatically by ITS for all campus-owned computers.

Additional Information

Protected information (sometimes called Personally Identifiable Information, or PII)  is an umbrella term for information that is linked to an individual person's identity. This information can be used to facilitate identity theft:

  • Social Security number and name
  • drivers' license number and name
  • credit card number and cardholder name
  • bank account information that would permit access to the account

Universities in particular have become attractive targets for hackers because of the freedom with which information is exchanged in an educational environment. Humboldt State University, like other institutions, is legally required to be vigilant and proactive in the protection of PII that's been entrusted to us.

Accessing This Service

If you have questions about information security, please click on the appropriate email address below to send a message to the information security team:

Using This Service

Learn more about HSU's information security by clicking on the Quicklinks at the top right of this page.

Physical safety, including cyberstalking and cyberbullying, concerns should be reported to the HSU Police Department by calling 911,  or 5555 from any campus phone.

If you need to report an information security incident that has either happened already or is in process, please use one of the emergency contact methods below:

  • Email (24x7):
  • Daytime phone: (707) 826-3815
  • After hours phone: (707) 826-5555 (University Police Department)

Frequently Asked Questions

 The information security office is located in Van Matre Hall, Room 200C


The primary document governing Information Security at HSU is the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

Additional policies may be found at HSU Technology Policies

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