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The IT Services Project Office defines, implements, and delivers information technology services and solutions in support of Humboldt State University's strategic goals and priorities. We apply proven project management principles and a common methodology across all activities to deliver projects on time and on budget.

IT projects are defined as tasks expected to take more than 20 person-hours and require two or more people to complete. Each project is reviewed by the Project Prioritization Steering Committee and assigned a slot in the ITS project schedule. As part of the office's ongoing efforts towards increased transparency, IT Services enables the HSU community to check the status of both proposed and scheduled projects at any time over a secure web connection.

While the Project Office does not purchase software on your behalf, we have prepared a set of guidelines to help you navigate the HSU software selection and acquisition process.

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Learn more about how IT Services uses project management best practices to deliver customer satisfaction.

Tasks estimated to need fewer than 20 person-hours to complete are not categorized as projects; these are assigned directly to an ITS staff member for completion. You’ll be notified of this and the name and contact information for the assigned ITS staffer.

Accessing This Service

Here's how the project process gets started:

  • if you know your request will take more than 20 person-hours and two people to complete the work, you can go straight to the Project Requests page, select Request a New Project, and complete the web-based form.
  • if you're not sure what resources your request will need, complete an ITS Support Request Form.

Note that you can also access a project request that's been started and not yet completed, or check the status of a project request that's already been submitted, on the Project Requests page.

There's more information on the IT project request process on our Project Proposal Process page. 

Using This Service

Project requests are submitted online via the Project Office's web-based system. Download the User Guide for more information on completing and submitting your request.

Once your request is designated a project and the project request form submitted, the form is forwarded to the Project Prioritization Steering Committee for further review.

The committee scores the project according to a set of universally-applied criteria to determine its overall value to the University. This score, along with funding and resource availability, is used to schedule the project. The prioritized schedule is then evaluated by the Vice Presidents and adjusted as necessary. Once the prioritization process is completed, you'll be notified of the results for your project request.

To view the status of current projects, check the ITS project portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions
ITS Project Office
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The CSU Responsible Use Policy governs all key aspects of IT projects and database access.