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When you schedule time in a Humboldt State University computing lab or smart classroom, you'll need to make sure that the software you need will also be installed and available at your scheduled time and facility. Your department coordinator can help you to determine what is available. If you need to request additional software, use the ITS Lab/Smart Classroom Software Request Form and submit it with your scheduling request so your software installation can be scheduled for the correct facility.

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System Configuration

The system configurations available in each lab are described on the ITS website. Please ensure that any software you request for lab use is compatible with the systems on which you need to run it.

Additional Information

While we make every effort to fulfill software installation requests, occasionally we must deny a request for software that is incompatible with our systems or policies, for example:

  • the software is old or requires outdated, insecure, or otherwise unstable version(s) of another application or OS
  • licensed usage cannot be maintained at HSU
  • the software is a beta version
  • the software use requires write/delete privileges on servers or local systems
  • the software has a detrimental effect on other production software
  • the software is excessively demanding of system resources, including networking resources
  • use of the software violates any existing law, such as copyrights, or Federal Education Acts
  • software installation or use violates University policy

ITS will work with you to find eligible alternatives should your preferred software prove ineligible. 

Software requested for use in vlab must meet the following requirements:

  1. The software is licensed for use in a virtual environment - please submit any restrictions to the license along with your request.
  2. The vendor provides instructions for running in a virtual environment, specifically Citrix Xenapp.
  3. The software has a silent/unattended install option and steps to disable nag and registration screens.
  4. The software runs on 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2.


Accessing This Service

Use the ITS Lab/Smart Classroom Software Request Form to submit your request for additional lab software to be installed.

Using This Service

Once your scheduled facility has been confirmed by your department coordinator, submit your software, license, installation instructions, and contact information to Information Technology Services (Summer deadline is May 11, Fall deadline is June 1, Spring deadline is November 15). If you have not received your schedule confirmation one week prior to the deadlines above, contact your department coordinator immediately.

Use the ITS Lab/Smart Classroom Software Request Form and submit it with your scheduling request so your software installation can be scheduled for the correct facility.


Anyone using HSU lab or smart classroom facilities should familiarize themselves with the following documents:

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