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Google Groups lets you email predefined groups of people quickly and easily using a single recipient address. Because it is part of the Google Apps suite, Google Groups integrates directly with your HSU email account for easy management.

You can use Google Groups to set up and maintain mailing lists for the groups of people you communicate regularly with, such as other members of your department, fellow students, club members, or individuals sharing involvement with a particular project or event.

You can also use Google Groups for your off-campus life - hundreds of thousands of groups have been set up across the globe, and if you can't find one that meets your needs, you can set one up in a matter of minutes.You will need to set up and use a personal Google account rather than your HSU account for these groups.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

Google Groups is compatible with most popular browsers.

Cookies must be enabled on all browsers. Javascript does not need to be enabled, but some functions may not be available without it.

Additional Information

Benefits of Google Groups include:

  • You can edit your own group subscription settings
  • Groups can be included in your Global Address List by using a special setting,  so it's easy to find them
  • Group owners can easily add, view, and remove members
  • All emails sent to the group are archived and can be viewed from the Groups page
  • Documents can easily be shared across a group or groups

Google Updates

Google is a very dynamic environment, and the company frequently updates or otherwise tweaks many of its services in response to user feedback. You can keep tabs on Google's planned and implemented changes on their What's New? site.

Accessing This Service

To access your HSU Google Groups, log into your email:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your HSU User Name and Password
  3. Click on the Gmail link in the top right of the screen.
  4. You'll find a link to Google Groups at the top left of the screen. Or, you can go directly to Google Groups.

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Using This Service

To send an email to any group, simply select it like any other recipient name or enter <listname> in the To: box when you're composing your email.

Existing groups

You'll find a list of the Google Groups you already belong to on the right side of the main Google Groups page. To find other relevant existing Google Groups, just enter a keyword or two into the search box; if that produces too many entries, you can fine tune the search results using the Advanced Search parameters.

New groups

To create a new Google Group, just follow the instructions to set up a new group.

Frequently Asked Questions

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State and federal law governs the privacy and security of email communications

All other computer usage policy issues, including email usage policies, are covered in the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

You should also familiarize yourself with Google's Privacy Policy

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