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MAP-Works: Making Achievement Possible


Maximizing student success is HSU's number one priority and, to that end, the campus has adopted the MAP-Works software tool to alert faculty and other advisory staff as early as possible as to when students, particularly freshmen, may be experiencing problems. Information is gathered through student self-assessment surveys which will provide information about study habits, extracurricular activities, financial issues, and other areas of life that can impact academic success. The earlier an intervention program can be initiated, the greater the chance that the student can get back on track for a successful on-time graduation.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

MAP-Works is a hosted (ie online) service, so all you need is an up-to-date browser and your HSU User Name and Password. Roles are assigned within MAP-Works based on a number of different criteria, including PeopleSoft roles.

Additional Information

In addition to the MAP-Works regular assessment-feedback loop, the current manual mid-semester evaluation is being incorporated into MAP-Works using the Academic Updates function.

MAP-Works times out of the single sign-on system after 30 minutes of inactivity. HSU is unable to alter this timing because MAP-Works is a hosted service.

To learn more about how HSU came to adopt MAP-Works, visit the MAP-Works project page.

Accessing This Service

MAP-Works is accessed through myHumboldt.

Using This Service

Different groups will interact with MAP-Works in different ways, depending on their role in the early alert process, either independently or as a member of a support team. Students complete self-assessment surveys during their freshman year which are evaluated by MAP-Works to provide faculty and advisors, staff in support areas, and student leaders/mentors with specific individualized student support strategies in the form of reports, referrals, and other targeted recommendations. The information received by faculty, staff, and students will inform advising sessions and help to customize individual support strategies. MAP-Works also provides students with an analysis of their survey responses and recommendations for areas they need to work on.

Please refer to the RAMP website for more information on the processes associated with the MAP-Works program and other resources available to assist students in meeting their academic goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

MAP-Works is accessed on the web via myHumboldt.


Access to MAP-Works data is governed by policies covering protected data issues as well as the more general CSU Responsible Use Policy.