Media Production Services


Media Production Services is the division of Technology Equipment Checkout that provides assistance and support for audio-visual and multimedia projects. Services offered include

  • recording special lecture or guest speaker events
  • media duplication
  • converting materials from one type of media to another (eg VHS to DVD)
  • preparing audio and video materials for online delivery
  • arranging closed-captioning

Additionally, Media Production Services provides support for video and telephone conferencing and Skype on request.

Who's it for?

Additional Information

Interested faculty are encouraged to contact Media Production Services for information updates, a tour of the facilities, technology demonstrations, and training.

Non-standard equipment may be available for rent through Media Production Services for internal or external events; note that a chargeback fee may apply for non-instructional use of non-standard equipment, and that instructional use requirements will always supersede non-instructional use requests.

Media Production Services can also provide transcription and closed captioning services through an outside vendor, Automatic Synch Technologies (AST). A sliding scale of fees applies, depending on the length of the video and materials supplied.

Accessing This Service

Media Production Services is located in Gist Hall, Room 205A

Phone: (707) 826-3166

Using This Service

Contact Media Production Services for assistance if you have a project that involves any of the following:

  • Video and audio support and recording for lectures and special events
  • Video editing to clean up, add graphics, voiceover or other enhancements for class-related video work
  • Audio editing
  • Videoconference support for distributed education and administrative meetings
  • Skype support for classes and administrative meetings
  • Phone conference recording and audio file creation
  • Integrating taped lectures or video resources into Moodle sites
  • Audio posting services for Moodle
  • Video recording of programs from Suddenlink cable for educational use
  • VHS/Mini-DV/DVD duplication and transfer
  • Assistance with closed captioning tasks

Frequently Asked Questions
Media Production Services is located in Gist Hall, Room 205A
Phone: (707) 826-3169


Use of HSU’s Media Production Services is governed by the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

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