Moodle is learning central for students, staff, and faculty at HSU. It's how instructional materials are disseminated and classes delivered on line. Moodle is accessed through myHumboldt.

Moodle makes it easy for faculty to post course information, conduct class discussions, create assignments, take attendance, use Clicker technology, distribute quizzes, and hold and grade exams. Courses are set up automatically 6-8 weeks before the first day of class.

No knowledge of building a website is required to use Moodle; content is added through the use of intuitive online forms, and files created in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other programs can be added directly into the system. The Moodle interface also incorporates access to Blackboard Collaborate, HSU's web conferencing service.

For students, Moodle is the go-to destination for all class-related information. Students can also use Moodle to communicate amongst themselves and with the instructor.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

Access to Moodle requires only a standard web browser (Firefox is the preferred option) running under Windows, Mac, or most popular Linux distributions.

Additional Information

Adding new courses to Moodle

If your course is a regularly scheduled HSU course or an Extended Education course and you are the instructor of record in Faculty Center (PeopleSoft), a course shell is automatically set up for you a month before the beginning of the semester. If you would like to add a non-standard course (for instance for a club or special project), complete the new course request form.

Re-using existing Moodle courses (Instructors only)

Once you have set up a Moodle course site, you can continue to use the content in subsequent semesters. Complete the Request for Course Copy form to transfer course content from one semester to the next.

Advanced Moodle modules

Moodle  provides advanced learning content development modules; click the links for more information on these modules:

  • Questionnaire. Survey-like activities that instructors can use to create a wide range of questions - for example, to get student feedback on a course or activities. Unlike the Lesson and Quiz modules, the Questionnaire is all about gathering data, not student assessment.
  • Glossary. Glossaries can be created by the instructor alone or collaboratively, be course-specific or global, and can be linked automatically to relevant course materials.
  • Forums. Four types of forums enable students and teachers to exchange ideas by posting comments. Forum posts can be graded by the instructor or by student peers. Forums can contribute significantly to successful communication and community building in an online environment.
  • Lesson. Lesson modules enable instructors to automatically customize course materials for individual students.The choice the student makes after completing each Lesson page determines their route through the course materials.

Accessing This Service

To log into Moodle:

  1. Go to myHumboldt
  2. Enter your HSU User Name and Password
  3. Click on the Moodle button at the top right of the screen

Moodle office information:

Moodle information and updates

Forgot your password?

If you need to obtain HSU login credentials for visiting faculty or other temporary personnel, please complete an account request form.

Moodle is fully accessible for students with disabilities.

Using This Service


After logging into myHumboldt

Video Tutorials

A number of video tutorials for both instructors and students are available for viewing online via YouTube. All HSU video tutorials are close-captioned for full accessibility.


Moodle is protected by a time-out period which logs you out of the application if you have not accessed it for two hours. You'll see a warning message before the system logs you out, at which point you can choose to stay logged in. 

Think security when you log out of Moodle and be sure to close your browser to fully quit or exit the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moodle is accessible online from anywhere in the world - as long as there's an Internet connection - through myHumboldt.


Specific internal policies govern the use of Moodle.

All other computer usage policy issues, including email usage policies, are covered in the CSU Responsible Use Policy.