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myHumboldt provides an easy way for student applicants, enrolled students, staff, and faculty to access the information they need to be successful at HSU. Certain elements of the portal (the "pagelets") are fixed and required content, but users can configure much of the site's content options to deliver the information they need, when they need it, in the way that works best for them.

Embedded single sign-on technology ensures secure access to relevant applications and personalized information as applicable to the user's role at the University.

Who's it for?
Student Applicants

System Configuration

All you need to access myHumboldt is an up-to-date browser and your HSU User Name and Password.

Additional Information

Each department has a designated "portal publisher" who is tasked with delivering updated information about their department on a regular basis via the pagelets.

Read the myHumboldt mission statement and goals.

Read the myHumboldt Portal Governance Charter

Download the portal change request form

Check the status of portal change requests.

HSU Alert emergency text notifications

Everyone associated with the University should provide an emergency text notification cellphone number that can be used to contact you in case of a campus emergency. Students enter this information in the Personal Info pagelet on their myHumboldt home page; staff and faculty should enter their information on the Contacts tab of the My Profile pagelet on the Faculty/Staff tab in myHumboldt.

Security and myHumboldt

Logging into myHumboldt logs you into all the applications integrated into the portal that you're authorized to access, so there are some specific security precautions all users should be aware of:

  • Since myHumboldt allows direct access to PeopleSoft and HSU has no control over where users may log into myHumboldt from, the myHumboldt timeout is tied to that of PeopleSoft to provide the optimum balance between security and usability.

  • Never leave your workstation unattended - log out, close your browser, and set a screen saver lock if you're using a personal device (all HSU-issued office computers have a 15-minute screen idle lock set).

  • Depending on your browser, applications in myHumboldt will sometimes open in new tabs or windows - make sure to close ALL your browser sessions in order to fully exit myHumboldt

  • If you have access to Level 1 data and administrative privileges, please take special care to properly exit from myHumboldt and your browser

For additional security tips, please refer to the security section of the ITS website.

Accessing This Service

Just open up your browser and go to Enter your HSU User Name and Password and you will see a tabbed screen offering you all the options and applications currently available to you through myHumboldt.

While myHumboldt works with most popular browsers, some of the applications accessed through it are less flexible, so use the browser that works best with your target applications when you access myHumboldt.

Note that, once every semester, you will be asked to enter, update, or reconfirm your emergency text notification number or opt out of the HSU Alert emergency text notification service before access to myHumboldt is granted.

Using This Service

Once you're logged into myHumboldt, you have access to a whole range of campus services and applications through the functional area-specific pagelets. In addition to common applications like Gmail, Moodle, and search:

  • student applicants have access to information relevant to the enrollment process - application status, actions to be taken and deadlines, notification of transcripts and test scores received, and other useful links. Once enrolled, access expands to include the following:
  • enrolled students have access to personalized calendars and information relevant to academics, finance, campus life, support, services, and the library
  • staff and faculty have access to personalized calendars and information from many different campus areas of operation, as well as forms and special-purpose applications

Users can move pagelets around within the current tab or to the Home tab so that the ones you use most are in the most convenient position for you. The contents of many pagelets can also be shown or hidden - follow the customization help guidelines to make myHumboldt work best for your needs.

Every application accessed through myHumboldt, as well as myHumboldt itself, is protected by a time-out period which logs you out of an application if you have not accessed it for a predetermined period of time (you'll see a warning message before the system logs you out, at which point you can choose to stay logged in). This time-out is required by security auditors to keep protected data secure. The timeout period for most applications is 45 minutes;  Moodle, STARS, and the Library Articles & Databases time out after 2 hours, and Gmail and other Google Apps after 1-3 days (HSU has no control over this last one).

Please think security when you log out of an application or myHumboldt itself and be sure to close your browser to fully quit or exit the application. 


If you have comments or questions about myHumboldt, please send them to

Frequently Asked Questions

Use of myHumboldt and its integrated applications are covered by the CSU Responsible Use Policy.