Network Folders


Store your files in your personal online HSU folder so you can access them from anywhere with a network or Internet connection. If you're using computers from multiple locations (such as computer labs and offices), Network Folders make it easy for you to access your files at any time through your browser or using a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) connection.

If you have a personal website hosted on the campus User Web server, the content for that site is automatically stored in a "public_html" folder inside your Network Folder.

Your Network Folder is available to you for as long as you are with the University.

For faculty

You can store files you want to share with your students (or other HSU faculty and staff) in the Faculty Shared Folder, which students can access over the web from anywhere; however, only faculty may make changes to Faculty Shared Folder contents. All faculty members automatically have a Faculty Shared Folder in their HSU Network Folder.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

On campus, computer labs and most office computers automatically connect to your Network Folder when you log in. Your Folder will show up in My Computer (Windows) or as a desktop icon (Macintosh). If you're working from home or another off-campus site, you'll need to set up an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) connection to access your Network Folder.

Go to the SFTP Connection Guide to obtain configuration instructions for connecting your Windows, Mac, or Linux system to your Network Folder using Secure File Transfer Protocol

Additional Information
Accessing This Service

If you are a current student, staff, or faculty member, a Network Folder has been set up for you, which you can access when you log on to the HSU network using your HSU User Name and Password. Forgot your password?

On campus

When you're on campus, your Network Folder will show up in My Computer (Windows) or as a desktop icon (Macintosh). You can also ask your ITC to configure a mapped drive on your computer so you can access your Network Folder as an additional hard drive on your computer when you're on campus.

Off campus

If you're working from home or other off-campus site, you'll need to set up an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) connection. However, if you just need to download a file, you can accomplish this with a regular browser connection:

In your browser, navigate to

To log in for downloading files, you'll need to insert "HSU-AD" (without the quote marks) before your HSU User Name and then enter your Password as you normally do.

Using This Service

Use your Network Folder to store any and all files you may need to access from on or off campus; you'll be able to get to your information as long as you have an Internet connection. Any web pages you host on the User Web server are also stored here, so you can also update your personal HSU website any any time. Faculty may share instructional materials and feedback with students via the Faculty Folder, stored inside your Network Folder.

The amount of space (or quota) available in your Network Folder varies depending on your role with the University:

User type General CNRS*
Student 100MB 500MB
Staff 200MB  
Faculty 300MB 1GB

*College of Natural Resources & Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

Online on the User Web server.


Use of Network Folders and other HSU-supplied computing resources is governed by the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

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