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Nolij Content Management System


Nolij serves as an electronic filing cabinet for digitized documents and enables you to automate manual business processes, saving time and improving efficiency with the use of workflow, forms and integration with PeopleSoft or other online databases.

For documents that need to be routed to different people in a certain order, Nolij can automate the process. It also lets you view and update information from PeopleSoft (or another online database) right alongside your electronic documents. For those processes that require you to visit several screens in PeopleSoft to find all the data you need, Nolij can collect and present that data on a single screen.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

Nolij is web-based and can be accessed through HSU networks or the Virtual Lab. Firefox is the recommended browser for use with Nolij; Internet Explorer is also compatible, but you may encounter a few glitches, so please be aware of this when selecting your browser.

You will also need to have Java (version 6, NOT version 7) enabled in your browser.

Additional Information

You'll need someone in your department to serve as the lead for this project.  This should be someone familiar with the workings of your office and the process that is being implemented in Nolij. This person doesn't necessarily need to be someone technical. We've outlined the kinds of tasks they will be expected to perform in our Nolij Project Types document

Nolij is a great tool for document routing and automating processes; however, it does not currently permit end users such as students to log in and check the status of their document(s). 

Accessing This Service

Your department will require some initial technical consulting, configuration, and testing before getting started with Nolij. Begin the process by submitting an ITS Project Request Form. If your request looks like it will take fewer than 20 hours, it will not be subject to the project prioritization process but simply added to the ITS task list.

Learn what's needed to get started with different Nolij tasks

Nolij Project Request Considerations

When filling out the project request form, consider breaking down the project into phases.  This will help your staff grow with the project and may also enable you to get things done faster if ITS resources are not immediately available for your entire project. For example, if your overall goal is to have documents come in and checklists and/or values updated in PeopleSoft as they are processed by various individuals, you could consider breaking the project into three stages:

  • Phase 1: Start using Nolij as an electronic filing cabinet while manually routing documents to the appropriate employees and manually updating PeopleSoft.
  • Phase 2: Establish auto?routing of document to the appropriate employee.
  • Phase 3: Update PeopleSoft values from within Nolij.

 Nolij Project Planning

There is a lot of planning involved in a Nolij project, so we've put together an Implementation Workbook to help guide you through the process. Your project programmer will help you work through this planning guide.

Using This Service

If your department is already set up with Nolij, you can log in to the application directly at

You can also use Nolij from off campus with the Firefox browser in the HSU Virtual Lab. Follow the instructions on the HSU Virtual Lab service page to download and install the Virtual Lab software.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Use of the Nolij system is governed by the University's Acceptable Use Policy.

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