Password Management


Maintaining strong password protection is one of the best ways to protect information. Your HSU password is always used in association with your HSU User Name to provide an extra layer of validation that you are who you say you are; it should never be shared or used on any non-HSU system.

While your HSU User Name will remain the same throughout your association with the University, you will need to change your password at least once a year (more often for those who regularly access protected information).

HSU requires that your password contain between 10 and 30 characters, including one or more upper case letters, one or more lower case letters, one or more numbers, and does not contain any of these special charaters []{}$&;() '"<> or any word that appears in a standard American English dictionary. Read our hints and tips on choosing a strong password, and check out our recommended Password Manager programs to help you store all your passwords securely.

You can reset or change your password at any time through the Account Settings link in MyHumboldt.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

You need only an up-to-date browser and your HSU User Name to manage your password. Password Manager programs are available for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

Additional Information

Check out our hints and tips for creating a strong password you can remember.

Take a look at our Password Manager software recommendations to help keep your passwords secure.

Accessing This Service

To access HSU's password management tools, click on Account Settings at the top right of your myHumboldt home page.

Download recommended Password Manager programs.

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Using This Service

Your password, in combination with your HSU User Name, is required to access many on-campus resources:

  • myHumboldt portal
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Web and email servers
  • Moodle
  • Library systems
  • Computer labs
  • Student and Faculty Center
  • Peoplesoft databases

Everyone needs to change their password at least once a year to maintain adequate network security. Users of Peoplesoft Human Resource systems are required to change their passwords every 120 days, and users of Peoplesoft Finance must change their passwords every 90 days. You will receive reminder emails before your password expires, so you have plenty of time to change it without disrupting your work.

If you're having trouble coming up with a strong password that you'll also remember, read our hints and tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the web via the Account Settings link in MyHumboldt and through the Password Manager page.


Password use at HSU is governed by CSU information security policies, including the CSU Responsible Use Policy.