PeopleSoft Finance (CFS)


Accessed through myHumboldt, PeopleSoft Finance (CFS) is the financial services element of California State University's Common Management System (CMS). CMS is the information technology infrastructure that integrates the critical administrative functions of Human Resources, Finance, and Student Services across all 23 CSU campuses plus the Chancellor's Office.

The software behind CMS is provided by Oracle Corporation's PeopleSoft Enterprise, and is housed in a secure data center facility in Salt Lake City that is managed by Unisys on behalf of the CSU.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

The following browser versions are supported by the PeopleSoft Finance interface:

  • Under Windows 2000
    • Firefox 1.0/1.7
    • Internet Explorer 6
    • Netscape 7.2/8.1
  • Under Windows Vista
    • Internet Explorer 7
  • Under Windows 7
    • Internet Explorer 8
  • Under Windows Server 2003
    • Firefox 1.0
    • Internet Explorer 6/7
  • Under Mac OS 9
    • Netscape 7.2
  • Under Mac OS X
    • Firefox 1.0/1.7
    • Netscape 7.2
    • Safari 2.0.4/3.0/3.1.1/3.2.x
  • Under Unix
    • Firefox 1.0/1.7
    • Netscape 7.2
  • Under Linux
    • Firefox 1.0/1.7
    • Netscape 7.2


Additional Information

Anyone with access to PeopleSoft CFS must change their HSU password every 90 days for security reasons.

Classes and job aids relating to the use of PeopleSoft Finance can be found on the Training and Professional Development web site

The HSU Business Services website provides extensive information about HSU's administrative and business processing functions.

Faculty and advisers should visit Faculty Center Help (available through myHumboldt) for more information on relevant PeopleSoft CFS services.

Students should visit Student Center Help (available through myHumboldt) for more information on relevant PeopleSoft CFS services.

Additional PeopleSoft product information is available on the Oracle website.

Accessing This Service

Access to PeopleSoft CFS is online through myHumboldt.

Like any other online service at HSU, you'll need your HSU User Name and Password to log into PeopleSoft CFS.

In order to use PeopleSoft CFS, you must have a signed confidentiality agreement on file with Human Resources and formal permission to access the relevant databases.

To request access, complete an Access Request Form and have your manager forward with their approval to Once access has been granted and you've been added to PeopleSoft CFS permissions, you can log in as follows:

  • Go to myHumboldt and log in with your HSU User Name and Password
  • Locate and click on the PeopleSoft  Finance (CFS) in the pagelet headed PeopleSoft

Access problems?

Forgot your password?

Using This Service

You can view a comprehensive list of all production and non-production databases and associated activities on the Instance Management page. This will help you to find the database most suitable for your needs.

PeopleSoft CFS, and myHumboldt itself, is protected by a time-out period which logs you out of the application if you have not accessed it for 45 minutes. You'll see a warning message before the system logs you out, at which point you can choose to stay logged in. 

Think security when you log out of an application or myHumboldt and be sure to close your browser to fully quit or exit the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

PeopleSoft CFS is accessed on the web through the CSU portal link on myHumboldt


Access to Financial databases is governed by policies covering protected data issues, as well as the more general CSU Responsible Use Policy.

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