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PeopleSoft Financial Reporting


CSU has created a Common Financial Reporting (CFR) environment (sometimes referred to as the Finance Data Warehouse) to enable automated reporting. The CFR, accessible through myHumboldt, provides campuses with a set of interactive dashboards that contain the common, core reporting capabilities required by campuses and the Chancellor’s Office.

Each of the four dashboards is a simple container for reports and other content, with its own information and purpose and representing a different functional area. Each allows multiple reports to be displayed in a tabbed interface.

Depending on the security role(s) assigned to you, your login credentials will allow you access to one or more of these dashboards.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers are all compatible with the CSU interface. You'll also need your HSU User Name and Password and PeopleSoft CFS login credentials.

Additional Information

It's important to remember that the reports generated from the CFR contain day-old data to allow for overnight processing and synchronization across databases.

Accessing This Service

If you have access to PeopleSoft CFS, you automatically have access to the financial reporting system.

Log into CFR as follows:

  • Go to myHumboldt  
  • Click on the CSU Portal link on the right hand sde of the screen
  • Select ‘Humboldt’ from the list of campuses
  • Enter your HSU User Name and Password on the HSU Login page 
  • Click on the Financial Reports link in the top navigation bar
  • Click Login in the left column and enter your CFS credentials.

Note: Anyone with access to CSU financial systems must change their HSU password every 90 days for security reasons.

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Using This Service

The four CFR dashboards are:

  • The Auxiliaries dashboard contains pages and reports based on the AAT and FNAT key attributes connected to the chartfields.
  • The Manage My Budget dashboard is designed for those responsible for managing budget against one or more departments.It reports against Revenue and Expense data.
  • The Operations dashboard allows users to filter reports based on selected fund attributes, account attributes, and campus unique department tree levels. It includes Ledger and Trial Balance reporting.
  • The Sponsored Programs dashboard contains reports formatted for administration, management, and general grant managers.

PeopleSoft Financial Reporting (and myHumboldt itself) is protected by a time-out period which logs you out of the application if you have not accessed it for 45 minutes. You'll see a warning message before the system logs you out, at which point you can choose to stay logged in. 

Think security when you log out of an application or myHumboldt and be sure to close your browser to fully quit or exit the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Financial Reporting is accessed on the web through the CSU portal link on myHumboldt


Access to financial information is governed by policies covering protected data issues, as well as the more general CSU Responsible Use Policy.

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