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HSU staff and faculty are able to purchase PCs (from Dell) and Macs (from Apple) for departmental use at discounted prices. By limiting the number of manufacturers and models recommended to the campus community (see the ITS Computer Selection web page for more information), the University not only saves money and has more readily-available parts for maintenance, but also assured compatibility with management tools enables more effective software deployment, problem resolution, and helps us to meet mandated accessibility and security standards.

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Additional Information

If you want to buy a new Apple computer for your personal use, you can purchase at a discount online at

ITS does not handle hardware purchases for other departments. Computers for use at HSU can be purchased by anyone with the authority to use a Procurement Credit Card or sign off on a Requisition/Purchase Order- for further information on the purchasing process, please visit the HSU Procurement website. Whichever method you use, please ensure that the shipping address you provide to the vendor includes the name and department of the person to whom the system is to be delivered.

Accessing This Service

To purchase PCs, you'll need to log in to the HSU Dell Premier site to see the details of the Dell models. Login credentials are available from HSU's Dell representative, Cynthia Olivo at or 1-800 289-3355 ext 51-39366.

If you're a Mac user, you'll need to follow these instructions to register with the Apple ecommerce site to see details of the models recommended for HSU purchasers.

Using This Service

Links to information on the recommended PC and Mac models are provided on the ITS Computer Selection web page, together with guidelines on purchasing.

Apple has also produced a video to guide new users through the purchasing process at the Apple store online.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the ITS website.

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