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HSU has negotiated discounted pricing for a range of HP office printers through Sehi Computer Products, Inc. By limiting the number of printer models recommended to the campus community, not only does the University save money thanks to more readily-available spare parts but technical support staff will be better able to more quickly and easily troubleshoot and/or resolve printing problems when they occur.

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Because ITS does not handle hardware purchasing for other departments, you will need to place your order using one of the purchasing/payment options available through this service (submitting an HSU Purchase Request to the Procurement Office or ordering directly from the HSU/Sehi Online Store using an HSU ProCard).

  • HSU Purchase Request - For large orders, submit an HSU Purchase Request with a quote attached (see instructions for requesting a quote) to the HSU Procurement Office for processing.  For questions about how to complete or submit an HSU Purchase Request, please contact the HSU Procurement Office at (707) 826-3512. 
  • HSU ProCard - For smaller orders, submit an order directly through the HSU/Sehi Online Store using your HSU ProCard.

Whichever method you use, please ensure that the shipping address provided to the vendor includes the full name and department of the person to whom the merchandise is to be delivered.

Accessing This Service

You will find full details of the printers available for purchase through this service on the ITS Printer Recommendations web page.

Using This Service

Your printer needs are determined by the size of your department and the volume of printing you do. Review the suggestions on the ITS Printer Recommendations web page regarding the volume of printing your department or workgroup does to create a shortlist of potential solutions. Click the appropriate link for more details of each recommended model.

When you have identified the appropriate printer(s) for your requirements, follow the appropriate links on that page to submit your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the ITS website at /its/purchasing-printers


Please refer to the Law & Policy section of the ITS website at /its/security-policy for information about policies relevant to hardware purchase.

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