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Remote Screen Sharing for Support


Remote screen sharing software enables HSU Technology Help Desk technicians to understand and resolve computer problems without the need for the technician to be in the same physical location as the computer.  

The software the Technology Help Desk uses for this purpose is TeamViewer, which includes a small program called QuickSupport that's installed on your computer to enable the technician to access it. For this reason, you will be asked by the technician to initiate the connection. The software generates a one-time password which you need to provide to the technician before the connection can be made.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

The QuickSupport remote software that allows the technician to access your computer runs under any recent version of Windows or OS X; no other special software is required.

Additional Information

For security reasons, you should never run QuickSupport unless you have initiated a support request. If in doubt, contact the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-HELP (4357).

Accessing This Service

The technician assigned to your case will ask you to download and run the QuickSupport program from the HSU server at if s/he needs to access your computer to resolve your problem.

Download QuickSupport for Windows

Download QuickSupport for Mac

Using This Service

When you run the QuickSupport software, you will see a window showing an ID and password. The ID is specific to your computer but, for security reasons, a new password is created every time the software is run.

After you've read this information to the technician, s/he can access your computer remotely to work on your problem. You should not attempt to use any other applications on your computer while the technician is working. When the technician is finished, you can close the QuickSupport application.


You must give your approval before a remote control session can be initiated. Support staff are unable to remotely view or control your screens without your explicit permission. During the QuickSupport session, a small window with the technician's name and phone extension is displayed on the screen. You can terminate the QuickSupport session at any time by simply closing this window.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote screen sharing for support is carried out over the HSU network.


The CSU Responsible Use Policy governs what technicians may do while they have direct access to your computer.

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