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Single Sign-On Services


The CSU system provides easy access to a number of system-wide services centrally using a process known as single sign-on:

  • Travel scheduling
  • Moodle training for faculty and students
  • PeopleSoft Finance (CFS)
  • CSU data warehouse
  • CSU Chancellor's Office Wireless

The process also extends to a number of HSU-specific systems and requires only your HSU User Name and Password (plus additional authentication in certain instances) for access. The fewer passwords you need to remember, the easier your life will be.

Once you log in to any of the above CSU services, or any of the HSU services that support single sign-on, you can move easily between services during the same browser session without the need to log in and out of each service separately.

HSU also makes use of single sign-on technology called SPNEGO, which enables users of most HSU-owned office computers to be automatically logged into all single sign-on services when they log into their computers. Time-outs still apply to myHumboldt and other single sign-on services, but the process of signing back in is now automated. Certain exceptions apply, and SPNEGO is not available on lab computers or off-campus.

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System Configuration

HSU's single sign-on system is compatible with most popular browsers.

Additional Information

If you're unable to log into these services, first double-check your HSU User Name and Password in the Account Center. If that's not the issue, call the Help Desk at (707) 826-HELP (4357) to check your permissions.

Read more about how HSU implements single sign-on.


Accessing This Service

Access these CSU services by simply logging in once with your HSU User Name and Password and selecting Humboldt State from the list of campuses. HSU-specific services such as email and web publishing also use the single-sign-on process.

No further login is required unless access to a particular service, such as financial information, requires additional authentication.

Using This Service

For central CSU services, click on the appropriate link below and select Humboldt State from the list of campuses to access any individual service:

  • Travel scheduling for UC and CSU is provided by Connexxus
  • Moodle training using the online system is available for students and faculty
  • Anyone with current HSU user credentials can login to the CSU Portal site; note, however, that access to services provided by the CSU portal must be established separately:
    • CFS - Common Financial System - Requires a CFS account
    • CSU Data Warehouse - Requires a Data Warehouse account
  • Any active HSU student, staff or faculty member may access the Chancellor's Office Wireless Network.

For HSU services, simply log in as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the web at the appropriate URL for the service you require.


Use of CSU services is governed by central CSU information security policies. Use of HSU services is governed largely by the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

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