HSU owns campus-wide and departmental licenses to a wide range of software programs that support both staff productivity and the educational experience in labs and smart classrooms, and keep the University's computer systems functioning at a high level of efficiency and security. Additionally, certain other free or low-cost applications are recommended for specific tasks.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

Most HSU-licensed or recommended software is available for Windows and/or Mac OS X; individual requirements will vary by application.

Note that ITS does not provide technical support for site-licensed or recommended-use software. If you need help with a particular program, please contact the vendor.

Additional Information

Some software applications are licensed by an individual department and/or only installed in a particular lab. If you're interested in restricted-use software, please contact the relevant department to see if a license can be made available to you.

If you need to acquire a license for a software product not currently licensed by HSU, please consult the software acquisition guidelines.

If you wish to request that a specific application be installed in a computer lab, please complete a software request form.

Accessing This Service

Individual service pages cover the major applications licensed by HSU; check the list at the foot of this page first.

For a directory of HSU's software resources, click here.

Using This Service

Consult the vendor's website or other users at HSU for hints and tips on using a particular software application.


For a directory of HSU's software resources, click here.


Please refer to the CSU Responsible Use Policy for policies relating to software usage on campus systems.

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