Software :: NCSS Statistical Analysis and Graphics


NCSS is a statistical analysis and graphics software package that outputs graphics from spreadsheet, database, and statistical files for use with popular word processors and presentation software. HSU has a campus-wide license, so anyone with associated with the University can use it on HSU-owned equipment.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

NCSS runs on all currently-supported versions of Windows. Full system requirements are provided on the vendor's website.

Additional Information

ITS does not provide support for NCSS. Please contact the vendor for assistance with the software.


Accessing This Service

The NCSS software can be downloaded from the vendor's website at Contact Jim Goddess at (707) 826-6251 if you need assistance with a license key.

Using This Service

There is a wealth of resources for using NCSS software on the vendor's website.


Please refer to the Law & Policy section of the ITS website at /its/security-policy for information about policies relevant to software usage.