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Mac users on campus can benefit from using the JAMF Casper Suite managed software update service to get automatic updates for official HSU Mac applications like Mathematica, Adobe Acrobat Pro, or TurningPoint clicker software as well as for operating systems, browsers and data security. Using JAMF enables users to avoid the disruption of interrupt-driven individual application update notifications, and can also be used to download and install certain HSU-licensed applications with just a single click; once the application is installed, JAMF will take care of keeping the software up-to-date. It can also be used to try out new software applications licensed by HSU.

JAMF includes a self-service option that allows staff and faculty to run automated administrative tasks like installing software and system updates and running clean-up maintenance tasks. These tasks vary in sensitivity, so some may require users to log in with their HSU User Name and Password.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

JAMF is compatible with OSX 10.5 and greater

Additional Information

JAMF installs the same updates that can be downloaded and installed manually. There is no change in user permissions, and the software permits users to install these HSU-approved software and updates without the need for an administrator password.

Accessing This Service

An alert pop-up window may appear on your screen when an update to any HSU-authorized application is available and installing the update will require a system restart. You can also access the update process manually via Applications -> Self Service

Using This Service

JAMF will automatically perform the necessary updates and installations if no-one is logged into the system when the new software becomes available, so it's important to log out of your system regularly to ensure these software updates can take place. You can also choose to run Self Service tasks manually from Applications -> Self Service.

When run, the self-service module displays an iTunes-like window with a list of the software available at that time (which may be zero). If software is available, you'll see categorized lists from which you can choose updates to install automatically. You can also use the app to try any new software program that's been licensed by HSU. Click on an icon to see detailed information about new programs, and then click the install button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Software delivered via JAMF Self Service and through the JAMF application is installed centrally on the HSU network. The service works only in designated areas on campus.


The use of University-owned systems and software is governed by CSU's Responsible Use Policy. See also the policy section of the ITS website at /its/security-policy for information about other policies relevant to software usage.

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