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Student Bulk Email System (CRN)


This system enables Department Coordinators to easily construct and send emails to specific groups of students - for example to issue a class cancellation notification or to draw students' attention to an event that's of particular interest. The service is commonly referred to as the Bulk Email CRN, where CRN stands for Course Number or Class Number. It is accessible through the Account Center and requires a specific PeopleSoft role.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

All popular browsers are compatible with the Bulk Email CRN interface.

Additional Information

The pages associated with the Bulk Email CRN tabs contain several similar fields.

  • Enter a subject line – this is the subject of your email
  • Enter your message - this is the text of the email you want to send
  • Enter a Reply To email address – this is the email address for the recipients to use fore replies. The default is your login username.
  • Enter an Additional Information Line – this is for sending a URL that recipients can access for more information.

When you have finished filling out the page, click the Submit Message button to send your email.

Each of the email templates has at least one field with a scroll arrow  button to the right of it. Click on the button to get a list of valid entries for that field.

Accessing This Service

Using the URL, log into the Bulk Email CRN web page using your HSU User Name and Password. This web page is intended to be used by Department Coordinators and requires the HUMCSSR role in PeopleSoft.

Lost your password?

Using This Service

After logging in, select the appropriate tab for the task you wish to accomplish: 

  1. Select Specific CRN to send email to all students who are enrolled in a specific course during a specific term.
  2. Select Specific SUBJ Code to send email to all students who are enrolled in courses with a specific subject code during a specific term.
  3. Select Specific Major to send email to all currently-enrolled students for a specific major.
  4. Select All Courses in a Specific Room to send email to all students who are enrolled in a course that is held in a specific Building and Room.
  5. Select All Courses of a Specific Instructor to send email to all students enrolled in a course taught by a specific instructor during a specific term

Each tab provides a template for that email type. Simply enter the information as appropriate and click Submit Message to send the mail.

The far right tab, Your Email Log, lists all emails sent through the system and the recipients of those emails. 

Frequently Asked Questions

HSU's Acceptable Use Policy governs the use of the Bulk Email CRN

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