HSU's AT&T Reservationless Teleconferencing Service enables you to meet virtually with individuals in other locations; there's no need for everyone to travel to the same physical location any longer, so those meetings can be much more cost-efficient. It can also serve as an audio channel for web-based meetings and classes.

The service can be used alone or in conjunction with Blackboard Collaborate, HSU's web conferencing system, to provide an alternative to the computer and web-based audio channel commonly used for web conferences. It's a useful alternative to have when data lines get overloaded with presentation materials or a very large number of people is attending an online meeting.

If you're meeting with eight or fewer people and have a desk phone with a conference call option, you don't need to use the AT&T system.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

A landline is preferable to a cellphone connection for teleconferencing, as there is a lower likelihood of the line being dropped or excessive interference impacting the quality of the audio.

Use a dedicated conference speakerphone such as a Polycom, with extensions if necessary, if you have multiple speakers in the same physical location. TNS has a small supply of conference phone systems available for checkout.

Additional Information

Before the call:

  • Prepare an agenda, so you will have a productive meeting.
  • Advise participants of the date, time, dial-in information, and planned duration.
  • Let participants know that you will start the call promptly.
  • Provide all materials to participants prior to the call.

During the call:

  • Do a roll call.
  • Seat key participants near the speakerphone.
  • Ask participants to speak naturally, identify themselves while speaking, and pause for others to comment.
    • Direct questions/comments to specific individuals or locations.
    • Encourage participation and stimulate discussion.
    • Spell out unusual terms, names, and numbers.
  • Mute speakerphones when not in use. If a mute button is not available, use the touch-tone features on the keypad.
  • Avoid putting phones on hold. “Hold music” could disrupt your conference.
  • Summarize next steps, deadlines, and action items clearly.
  • Choose a date and time for your next conference call while everyone is still on the line.

 After the call:

  • Follow up on key decisions and action items.

Additional resources for using teleconferencing with Blackboard Collaborate

Accessing This Service

ITS Telecommunications has set up an AT&T Reservationless teleconference account for each campus department.

Faculty and staff should contact their Key Advisor to obtain their teleconference access information - dial-in number, Host Code, and Participant Code. Your Key Advisor can also set up an additional account if you need one.

Note: when ordering a teleconferencing account with AT&T, it's important to specify that you want an AT&T Reservationless account, not an AT&T Connect account, or your call will be significantly more expensive!

Using This Service

Standalone teleconferencing:

  • Prior to the call, advise participants of the date, time, dial-in information (dial-in number and Participant Code), and planned duration.
  • A few minutes prior to the call start time, dial in and enter the Host Code when prompted.
  • Mute all lines (optional)
  • At the start of the call, make sure everyone is familiar with the controls
Access Menu Options
Specialist Assist
Specialist Join the Call
Dial Out to Participant
Begin/End Conference Record
Change Entry/Exit Announcement
Lock Conference
Unlock Conference
Mute Individual Line
Unmute Individual Line
Conference Continuation w/o Host
Participant List
Participant Count
Mute All Lines Except Host
Unmute All Lines

Blackboard Collaborate Teleconferencing

Learn how to use AT&T Reservationless Conferencing with Blackboard Collaborate

If you have questions

If you experience any problems setting up your teleconference, please contact TNS at (707) 826 5000 or send email to

Frequently Asked Questions

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All computing and telecommunications activities at HSU are covered by the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

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