Teleconferencing Phone Checkout


ITS Technical Equipment Checkout has a small supply of teleconferencing phone systems that can be checked out at no charge for use in situations where you have multiple people participating in a conference call from the same physical location.

These systems have multiple speakers and microphones, enabling sound to be picked up from and delivered to a larger space than a regular desk speakerphone. The keypad also includes a mute button to allow for private side conversations.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

A live, unallocated phone jack must be available in the room where your conference call will take place, as well as an electrical outlet. The phones work on both analog and digital phone lines.

Additional Information

Because ITS has only a limited number of teleconferencing phone systems available for checkout, please be sure to reserve your system well in advance. It's also advisable to test the equipment ahead of the meeting to ensure that everything is working correctly.

For conference calls involving fewer than eight people, you can use the built-in conference call capability of the Ericsson desk phones. If you're not sure whether your desk phone supports this capability, check with the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-HELP (4357).

Accessing This Service

To request a teleconferencing phone system, just call the Technology Equipment Checkout office at x4200.

Using This Service

When you reserve your phone, the Technology Equipment Checkout office will let you know where to pick up the system on the day of your conference call. Please use the system with care, as phone plugs are fragile. Please return the system promptly after your call is complete.

Instructions are included in the carrying case, but if you have any problems setting up your teleconference, please contact the Technology Equipment Checkout office x4200.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Technology Equipment Checkout office is located in Gist Hall Room 221.

Contact Technology Equipment Checkout at x4200.



All computing and telecommunications activities at HSU are covered by the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

Additionally, use of University-owned media equipment is governed by the Classroom Technology Chargeback Policy.

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