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Staff and faculty are allocated a telephone and extension number when they become associated with HSU; some part-time employees share a phone. One analog and two digital phone models are supported by the University’s Telecommunications and Network Services (TNS) department.

The analog phones offer basic functionality similar to a standard home telephone, including voicemail and volume control. The digital models also offer a range of business features – speakerphone, mute, conference call, call forwarding, and programmable keys.

Every department has a Key Advisor, who is authorized to request additions, changes or deletions to that department's telecommunications services.

Who's it for?

Additional Information

Technology Equipment Checkout has a small supply of dedicated conference call phone systems with multiple microphones and speakers available for loan

If you need telecommunications services and your Key Advisor is out, authorization from Department Deans, Chairs or Directors is acceptable

If you are the victim of harassing telephone calls, please follow these steps to deal with the problem.

Accessing This Service

Once you have your phone and an allocated extension, all you need to do is set up your voicemail and you’re good to go. Your Key Advisor will provide you with a default voicemail password that you should change right away to something you will easily remember.

If you need to request a phone or require assistance with an existing phone installation, please contact your Key Advisor. If additional help is required, they will contact TNS on your behalf and act as a central point of contact until the issue is resolved.

Using This Service

When a new phone is delivered, an instruction manual and phone book are included. If you inherit an existing phone, you can refer to instructions for how to use the various functions and controls on your handset by following the appropriate link below:

Programming your phone

If you have a digital phone, you can also program the unit with various short-cuts and customizations - check our detailed guide to programming your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Telecommunications & Network Services is located in Van Matre Hall, Room 205.

Phone: (707) 826-HELP (4357)



Use of HSU’s Telecommunications and Network Services is governed by the CSU Responsible Use Policy.