TurningPoint Handheld Student Input System


HSU uses the Turning Point classroom response system to increase class interactivity and improve student engagement. As an additional benefit, the system enables both students and instructors to get real-time feedback on class effectiveness.

The system comprises a receiver and handheld input devices (clickers); students can also install the ResponseWare app on their phone, tablet, or personal computer. Receivers are installed in all of HSU's Smart Classrooms and are also available at https://www.turningpointtechnologies.com/instructorkit for instructors using their own laptops. TurningPoint Cloud software is installed on all Smart Classroom systems, and PowerPoint with TurningPoint is on all Smart Classroom PCs. Instructors are encouraged to integrate the Turning Point system directly into Moodle for fully interactive instruction.

Clickers and associated TurningPoint licenses are distributed for students through the HSU Bookstore; faculty should order the appropriate number of clickers for their class at the same time as they order textbooks - a semester ahead of when they will be needed. Turning Point clickers are fully ADA-compliant.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

Turning Point receivers are USB devices that can be plugged into a vacant USB port on PCs or Macs in Smart Classrooms where they are not already installed. The software that manages the interactivity between the clickers and the receiver, TurningPoint software, is pre-installed on all Smart Classroom machines. Device installation should be handled by ITS technicians to ensure that the receiver is working correctly; faculty may install their own TurningPoint USB receiver only if a receiver is not already present on the computer.

Instructions for using the ResponseWare app can be found on the ITS website.

Additional Information

It is strongly recommended that students label their clickers with their contact information so that lost clickers can easily be reunited with their users.

Moodle Support has developed materials to assist faculty in using and troubleshooting clickers. Visit the Clicker Support course in Moodle, and read more about integrating TurningPoint into Moodle.

Additional information for instructors

Additional information for students

Accessing This Service

TurningPoint receivers are installed in all HSU's Smart Classrooms, andTurningPoint Cloud software is preinstalled on all Smart Classroom machines. If you encounter problems using the TurningPoint system, 24/7 clicker support is available by phone at 1-866-746-3015, by submitting a Turning Technologies Help Desk Support Form or by referring to the TurningPoint User Guides and FAQs.

Each student must have their own Turning Technologies clicker, available from the HSU Bookstore, or a wifi-enabled device with the ResponseWare app; students must also register their device or clicker with Turning Technologies to ensure responses are received and recorded. Instructors will facilitate registration by providing a link in Moodle or Canvas for students to complete the registration process.

Using This Service

TurningPoint Cloud functionality includes:

  • Open and close polling at any time - dynamic charting appears in a new window and updates with the results
  • Create participant lists and track individual responses
  • Edit sessions and create questions on-the-fly
  • Create and load question lists for advanced polling preparation
  • Countdown timer and support for team contests

To respond to polling questions, students simply press the appropriate keys on the clicker or tap the appropriate button in the ResponseWare app. A three-second green light signal indicates successful transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clicker-based instruction may be used in any of HSU's Smart Classrooms.


The use of clicker technology is governed by HSU's protected data policies and by the CSU Responsible Use Policy.

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