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HSU's Central Web server hosts all official department and University sites. Sites published on this server support the University's public image and facilitate the recruitment of students, staff, faculty, and donors. Campus club sites are also hosted on this server. All sites hosted on this server must meet the HSU accessibility guidelines.

Two categories of people work with Central Web sites:

  • The site owner is the staff or faculty member who has overall responsibility for the site; it is generally someone who doesn't change positions frequently, like a departmental Administrative Support Coordinator (ASC) or Administrative Support Assistant (ASA), rather than a department chair.
  • Site developers are the people who actually make changes to the site. This may be the person who designed your site, or the person who updates content, uploads files, etc - which may include students that site owners pay to make updates - or anybody else who logs into your site to make changes. Sites may have multiple developers.

Developers are sometimes also site owners..

The Moodle Web Server hosts HSU's Moodle web-based instructional system. Moodle makes it easy for faculty to post course information, conduct class discussions, create assignments, take attendance, and hold and grade exams online.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

To publish to HSU Central Web, you will need one of the following applications installed on your computer:

To publish to the Moodle Server:

  • No special software is required - simply upload the content directly in Moodle
Additional Information

Learn more about the web publishing resources available at HSU, including site analytics, forms processing, scripts and animation, and handling directory-related issues.

Learn more about accessibility training requirements for web publishers

Learn more about tools to help with accessible web publishing

Learn more about how to use Drupal to build and publish web pages

Accessing This Service

How you access and use sites on the Central Web server is tied directly to your role in relation to any particular site - ie, whether you are an 'owner' or a 'developer'.

As a site owner or owner-developer, your first step towards publishing an official HSU website is to get an account on the Central Web Server. Follow these instructions to do this. Developers must be assigned to a site by the owner before they can work on that site.

Log into your site using your HSU User Name & Password. Your Central Web site URL will always be www.humboldt.edu/sitename

Forgot your password?

Using This Service

Once you have a site and at least one assigned developer, you can upload content to your site using SFTP through Dreamweaver or directly. If you're using Drupal, you'll enter content directly through the program's own interface. Only Assigned Developers can upload content to a site, not owners.

Publishing with Dreamweaver

Server Address: www2.humboldt.edu

Host directory: sitename/public_html

Check the Use Secure FTP box for secure authentication, and use your HSU User Name and Password

Publishing via direct SFTP

SFTP Server Address: www2.humboldt.edu

Log in with your HSU User Name and Password

Your site(s) will show up as a folder (link).

Publishing with Drupal

Instructions for getting a basic site setup in Drupal can be found in the Drupal QuickStart Guide.

Site Maintenance

Check out these hints and tips on managing your directory structure, naming conventions, permissions, and quota.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone developing websites to be hosted on HSU servers is required to abide by the HSU Web Development Policy and Web Accessibility Policy.

There are also a number of CSU regulations, as well as state and federal laws governing the accessibility of information on the web.

HSU's Acceptable Use Policy incorporates more general web usage requirements for all HSU staff, students, and faculty, whether on or off campus.

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