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HSU offers two options for individuals to publish personal websites using University servers:

  • The User Web Server hosts unofficial websites for students, staff, and faculty. 
  • Google Sites is an alternative approach for anyone interested in creating small websites for personal or instructional use (excluding official Humboldt State University departmental sites)

Note that faculty sites on any server that contain instructional materials must meet the HSU accessibility guidelines.

Who's it for?

System Configuration

To publish to HSU User Web, you can use:

You can use any popular browser to create and publish Google Sites.

Additional Information

Learn more about the web publishing resources available at HSU, including site analytics, forms processing, scripts and animation, and handling directory-related issues.

Learn more about how to use Google Sites to build web page

While personal sites do not require compliance with web accessibility guidelines, these few steps will help expand the potential audience of your web site.

Note that Technology Help Desk staff have no obligation to assist individuals with the design and development of personal websites. Many resources in this area exist on both the ITS website (through QuickLinks on this page) and on the wider web.

Accessing This Service

User Web Sites

All HSU students, faculty and staff are automatically provided with an account on the local campus web server to host individual websites; your account is valid for the entire time you are associated with the University. You must complete the following steps in order to use that account:

Your website content will be stored in your Network Folder

Your webpage can be accessed at this address: http://users.humboldt.edu/youralias

Google Sites

To enable Google Sites in your Google Apps account, you'll need to activate your web account.  Follow the instructions under Activating Your Site.

  1. Complete the ATI survey
  2. Once the ATI survey has been completed (the activation process may take a few hours) you will be able to select a Web Alias
    • Log into myHumboldt
    • Select Account Settings
    • Select My Profile tab
    • On the Profile tab section Personal Web Site, from the drop down menu, select one of the aliases listed.
    • Click Continue
    • Click Submit

    Using This Service

    User Web Sites

    To upload files from your local computer to your site on the User Web server, you can either use Secure File Transfer Protocol (sftp) or simply drag and drop files into your HSU Network Folder using Interdisciplinary Computer Lab or office systems.

    Google Sites

    Google provides an excellent tutorial which walks you through all aspects of creating your site using Google Sites, as well as extensive online help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your User Web site is online at users.humboldt.edu/<alias>, where <alias> is the name of your User Web site

    To access your Google site, go to http://sites.google.com/YourSiteName, where YourSiteName is the name of your site.


    Anyone developing websites to be hosted on HSU servers is required to abide by the HSU Web Development Policy.

    The CSU Responsible Use Policy incorporates more general web usage requirements for all HSU staff, students, and faculty, whether on or off campus.