Wireless Connectivity (Campus Guests)


HSU operates two types of wireless network - one for staff, faculty, and students, and one for campus visitors. This page describes the HSUGuest network, which is designed for campus visitors, including parents, prospective students, conference and meeting attendees, and visiting faculty and administrators.

Consultants and contractors working on campus projects are provided with an HSU User Name and Password by their sponsoring department; these users may use the HSUGuest network but will find HSUWireless-Secure more useful. CSU auditors and other legal or compliance professionals are required to use Trusted Guest accounts. Learn more about how to connect using the HSUSecure-Wireless network

Who's it for?
Prospective Students

System Configuration

Visiting parents and prospective students, as well as individuals attending meetings and conferences on the HSU campus, can set up their own accounts on the HSUGuest network. This is accomplished simply by selecting this option from the available options shown on their device and completing a short registration form. A cellphone with a US or Canadian 10-digit number is required in order to receive the access credentials via text message. 

Visiting faculty and administrators from other CSU campuses will be provided with HSU Guest account credentials by the guest account administrator in their sponsoring department.

Additional Information

Self-registered guest accounts are valid for 15 days total. This can be extended on request by applying in person at the Technology Help Desk in Library 101.

Accessing This Service

Your device should automatically detect the HSUGuest wireless network.

  • If you are a visiting parent, prospective student, or conference or meeting attendee, you can set up your own account on the network. Simply complete the short form that's displayed on your device's screen; you'll receive your login name and password via text message to your cellphone.
  • If you are a longer-term visitor such as visiting faculty or administrator from another CSU campus, you can access the HSUGuest network using the HSU Guest user name and password provided to you by your sponsoring department's guest account administrator. The administrator can also set the end date for your account.

Using This Service

Once your device is registered with the network, you can connect using the account credentials provided to you.

If you self-registered and need to extend the fifteen-day time limit on your account, please apply in person at the Technology Help Desk in Library 101.

Note that a bandwidth cap is applied to guest accounts to prevent network abuse and ensure that adequate bandwidth is available to all network users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online via your device's wireless network detection function.


The CSU Responsible Use Policy applies to the use of HSUGuest network.

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