SharePoint Login Instructions

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How to Log In

Use your HSU User Name and password.  Mac users, those working off-site, and some on-site users will need to preface their HSU User Name with "HSU-AD":



Internet Explorer: Avoiding Multiple Login Prompts

By default, you will be prompted to log in to SharePoint each time to you try access a document.  These instructions will help you avoid having to log in multiple times. If you need assistance making these changes, please contact your ITC.

Step 1: In Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options
Step 2: Click the Security tab
Step 3: Click Local intranet
Step 4: Click "Sites"
Step 5: Click "Advanced"
Step 6: In the website field, enter and click Add
Step 7: Click Close
Step 8: Click OK
Step 9: Click OK